9 Crockpot Recipes You Will Love

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It’s that time of the year where crock-pot meal more convenient for everyone to cook.  Of course, I am guilty myself, I don’t know if I have mentioned it before that I owned two crockpots.  One is bigger enough to hold a big meal that will last us for a week.  The other one is small perfect for just the soup and other small portion meal I like to cook.  Having two crockpots going at the same time is really awesome, plus I don’t have to worry what to eat for a week.

So I asked few of my fellow bloggers for their crockpot recipe that I can include in this roundup. They are kind enough to give me permission to use their photo for this project.  I must say meeting some awesome bloggers online is a great thing.

Hope that this short list will give you an idea of what you can cook during this cold weather.

Sriracha Turkey Chili (Crockpot) – By The Peachee Pear

This chili right here would be perfect for any games on the weekend.  I know some may prepare this for football, but honestly, you can make this meal anytime you want to eat some chili.  If you are like us who loves chili then you will love this recipe.  It’s loaded with so much flavor and awesome ingredients.

Slow Cooker Hawaiin Chicken – By Glitter On A Dime

This chicken looks so delicious and only needed 4 ingredients. That’s right this doesn’t require

a lot of ingredients at all.  You can either cook this on high or low it depends on when do you want to eat this meal.  This can be pair with pasta or even rice and some vegetables.

Simple Crock Pot Chicken Taco Soup – By Glitter On A Dime

Soup is perfect to make in this cold weather, taco soup especially.  This year we have made taco soup a few times already.  It can go with anything, you can either eat it with some tortilla or some saltine crackers.

Crockpot Chicken Cacciatore – By Read.Eat.Repeat

Chicken is very easy to make, however finding different way and flavor of cooking it is a must here at home  I just can’t have the same flavor over and over again.  So I am constantly looking for new ways to cook the chicken. This chicken cacciatore looks really delicious, this has some delicious ingredients that go with it.  I think my kids would enjoy this meal.

Crockpot Chicken Tetrazzini – By Read.Eat.Repeat

If you like me who loves pasta but don’t really have much time to spend in the kitchen to make some . This crockpot chicken tetrazzini would be perfect.  I have never done anything like this in the crocpot before so I am pretty excited to give this a try.  Since we havev a busy schedule this time of year, crockpot has become my best friend when it comes to cooking.  Check out the recipe for this, so you can try making it for your family.

12 Minute Chicken Wings – By The Nourished Family

My kids, husband and I loves eating chicken wings all the time.  Normally I make chicken wings maybe twice every two weeks.  However, making them can sometimes just be too much and it take a long time to really finish the process.  Anyway, this 12 MInute Chicken Wings sure sound wonderful, if you have a slow cooker or crockpot you can definitely make this chicken.  Check out her blog to get the recipe on how to make this delicious looking wings.

Slow Cooked Beef & Broccoli – By The Nourished Family

Slow cooking beef is a great idea, it seems to make the meat more tender and plus it’s a time saver.  You can prepare this before going to bed at night or when you get up in the morning.  That way by the time you get home from work, dinner is ready to serve.  This would be perfect to carry for lunch the next day or even for dinner.  Simple meal yet so delicious and full of flavor.  Don’t forget to check the blog of “The Nourished Family” to get the recipe of this meal.

Smothered Pork – Easy Crock Pot Meal Planning Recipe – By IheartFrugal

This recipe is perfect to part of your weekly planning.  You only need 5 ingredients to make this delicious meal.  Smothered Pork would be perfect to go over rice.  This recipe looks very delicious, and easy to make.  Don’t forget to check out her blog for the recipe.

DIY Hunter’s Stew Aka Slow Cooker Venison Stew – By Fab Working Mom Life

If you are like us who loves eating venison then this recipe from Fab Working Mom Life is for you.  Last year a friend of us gave us a lot of venison meat, most of them are ground meat, some are tenderlion, roast and cubes.  I tell you what eating venison or deer meat is just so delicious.  You can season this meat in anyway you want too, the secret of cooking venison which always work for me, is to always have your heat in medium.  Never cook them in high because it will make the meat so tough to eat.

I hope that you find these post very helpful and give you an idea on what to make/cook when you have a busy schedule.  These recipe are very easy to make and doesn’t requires a lot of your time.  You can basically use this at night before you go to sleep or even during the day before going to work.


26 thoughts on “9 Crockpot Recipes You Will Love

  1. Great ideas. I enjoyed that they were complete meals. You have inspired me to take out my crock pot and test drive a few of these.

  2. I love using my crockpot! I definitely want to try some of these. Thanks so much for including my Taco Soup and Hawaiian Chicken!

  3. Inspiration 🙂 We live off slow cooker meals during the school season. Sometimes I get into the slow cooker rut and only make the same meals on repeat.

  4. Thank you for giving me more inspiration! I think I’ve cooked in the Crock Pot at least 3 times since the weather finally got cooler here about 10 days ago (TONIGHT’S MEAL IS IN THE CROCK-POT NOW!!!) – without crock pot options, I’d be sunk!

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