BeautyCounter Foundation Review

BeautyCounter Foundation product review is what I am sharing you today.  I was given an opportunity to review these two awesome foundation.  I had a hard time finding the right foundation for me.  BeautyCounter Foundation is really nice, I tried both of the shade, the lighter one don’t really look good on my skin tone since my tone is a little bit darker.

The darker shade definitely look a lot better on me.  I applied the foundation after applying my moisturizer, then i top it with the powder.  I always wait about 5 minutes or longer to see if I am allergic to the foundation or anything.  I must say the BeautyCounter Foundation is a great product, doesn’t irritate my skin. 

The product was sent to me to try on without any compensation or anything.  Everything you read about this product here on my review is all my opinion.  The foundation works really great on my skin, it covers few scars I have on my face and its easy to apply.  The result after applying the foundation is very smooth, and clean.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope that you enjoy this BeautyCounter Foundation Review.

Would I recommend this product to my friend? Absolutely.

Would I buy the a big bottle for future use? Absolutely.

Have you use beautycounter product before?

Did you like it?

Please leave your answer below at the comments area.


The products was sent to me free and I have not received no other compensation for this review I have written above. All the opinions/reviews are strictly mine, I tested the product and observe how it affect my skin. I am not affiliated with the company I have mention here nor obligated to give either positive or negative review. Most of my reviews I have written are positive that is because we believed that a company who offers great product deserve a positive review, so it will help their business grow.



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Chili Dog Biscuit

The other night my husband and I couldn’t really decide what to cook. So I decided since we are not that hungry, I am just gonna make Chili dog biscuits.  Something easy , and ready in less than 30 minutes.

My little helper on this recipe is no other than our precious baby girl. She loves helping in the kitchen time we cook.   I believed exposing them in the kitchen at early age is a great idea.  Chili Dog Biscuit is easy and all she have to do is make the biscuit dough round enough for the hotdog and chili. Read more

The Best Chicken Quesadilla

The Best Chicken Quesadilla ever. Every time my husband and I go to Flea Market we always get the chicken quesadilla for lunch. My husband and I have eaten a lot of chicken quesadilla before but after we tasted this one, we both agreed that it’s the best one so far.

I know there are other places out there where we can get authentic chicken quesadilla, but just haven’t encountered it yet. For now we say this is one of the best chicken quesadilla, and full of flavor comes with this hot green sauce.

One order is enough for me and my husband.  It’s a pretty big size quesadilla, I was very surprised the first time I ordered it. Although sometimes the taste changed for some reason, I guess different cook.  Every now and then my husband & I loves eating authentic food, however they are hard to find. So sometimes we just have to settled on what we can find.

This chicken quesadilla is very impressive especially it’s coming from Flea Market.


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Rock City Chattanooga

Today I am sharing you these beautiful photos that I took during our site seeing at Rock City located in Chattanooga.  The place is really pretty, it’s a perfect place to go for family weekend fun or for everyone.  The view is quite scary for me since I don’t like heights, crossing the rocky bridge was one terrifying for me.  If you are not scared with heights then you will be fine.

These pictures was taken by me about few years ago maybe 5 years.  But I thought I’d share this here since summer is approaching and I know a lot of people out there is planning for their vacation or for something to do when their kids is out of school.  Rock City is a beautiful place, your kids will have a blast. One thing though you need to remember to carry a drink.  I always carry drinks and snacks for my kids.   Although there is a place at Rock City where you can buy food and drink so if you don’t want the hassle of carrying drinks for your kids you can always buy it from their.

Read more

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Tomorrow is Not A Promise

Tomorrow is Not A Promise, so enjoy every bit of you life today as we can never predict what is coming tomorrow.  Sometimes we look for something else, and forget that God has gave us so much in our life that we should be thankful about.   Today smile, shine, and show them that you are brighter that what they think.  Enjoy your life, keep that smile going and keep pushing forward.

Life is too short for all drama and bs, ignore those because they will ruin your life without you knowing.  Take advantage at how beautiful life is really is.  Today laugh more, hold those people whom you love,  and be courageous, because tomorrow is a different day.  Read more

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Hawaiin Chicken & Swiss Sandwich

Another awesome recipe here everyone, yup I made Hawaiin Chicken & Swiss Sandwich ,a delicious sandwich for our dinner tonight. My husband and kids really enjoy it.  The recipe is very simple, and doesn’t need much of the ingredients. As you all know, we hardly cook something with pork or beef in our house. Most of meal is either with chicken, turkey or fish. Although sometimes I do prepare different seafood’s since it’s food for my husband health.

Chicken can be tiring sometimes, so twisting it and making the best of it is a must in our house. Adding a little bit of this, that, and those to change the taste is great idea. Your meal doesn’t need to taste all the same just because you are using the same ingredients or meat.  Hawaiin chicken & swiss sandwich is very delicious and ready in less than 30 minutes. So let’s get started. Read more

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