18 Cookies Recipes

It’s that time of the year where a lot of us will be baking so many sweet treats. I have been debating on what should I share first, so I gathered all these cookies recipes.  Some of these recipes you can make for this upcoming Halloween, others would be perfect for the Christmas or even for daily treats.  Cookies recipes are not hard to find now a days it pretty much flooded on the internet and other social media.  I came up with these few cookies recipes for you all to help you kick your fall to a great start.

Cookies are so delicious to have as a snack, partnering it with a glass of milk oh boy you are in heaven for it.  Kids love having cookies here at home, most of the time they only get once a month. But during fall we tend to bake more often, so I hope that these recipes I have gathered will be helpful to you all. Read more

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Chicken Adobo with Crispy Garlic Bits

Chicken Adobo with Crispy Garlic Bits is another recipe that I am sharing to you today.  This is a very popular dish in the Philippines, you can find a lot of people offers this kind of food on a lot of our streets vendors.  I remembered growing up, each time time my parents make chicken adobo, my brother, sister and myself feels like we just won the lottery.  With that being said, not often we eat meat growing up, because the meat is pretty pricey.

My husband favorite to eat is the chicken adobo, however, I have not tried it with the crispy garlic bits.  Although, I used a lot of garlic each time I cook but it never cross my mind to add it on the chicken adobo.  Chicken adobo with crispy garlic bits would be delicious on the top of the steam rice.  Read more

Greek Salad with Lemon Paprika Chicken

Hello again everyone. Today I am sharing you this Greek Salad with Lemon Paprika Chicken.  If you are like us who loves to eat salad each week, then this recipe is for you.  Greek Salad are delicious, a lot of people add vegetables that they like to eat and some cheese as well.  This Greek Salad with Lemon Paprika Chicken is light and will definitely fill you up.

This recipe would be perfect to share for two people, however this could serve for one just as well.  Eating salad is very healthy for our body because it’s full with a lot of vitamins and flavor.  Here at our house my husband and I we eat salad pretty much each week.  Most of the time we eat it during our dinner time that way we won’t be eating too much.  Read more

Cajun Shrimp Quinoa Bowl

Today I am sharing this Cajun Shrimp Quinoa Bowl recipe, something that is light but full of protein. My husband and I love enjoy food, however, we always make sure that we are eating good.  Light meal is good sometimes especially if you are in a diet, but still wanted to get a lot of vitamins.

This meal is full of vitamins and flavor, with all the ingredients that is combined it will definitely fill you up for awhile. Shrimp and Quinoa is a great combination of flavor, however, you can always substitute the shrimp with chicken if you don’t like shrimp. You can adjust and change up this recipe according to your taste and desire.

Thank you One Love One Kitchen for this awesome recipe.  This recipe is definitely added to our weekly meal planning.

hoto is credited back to it’s original owner One Love One Kitchen.

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Dinner at Toke – Sushi & Thai Grill

Dinner at Toke Sushi & Thai Grill is something that we don’t really do often.  We like exploring to different restaurant, and taste all sort of food, my step-daughter and husband love eating especially if it’s something that I don’t make at home often. Toke Sushi and Thai Grill is located in Fort Payne Alabama, this restaurant offers a lot of fantastic food, they have different sushi and all sort of spicy food that you can order.

The first food we got on our table was the soup and salad that came with two of our orders. The salad was topped with the ginger dressing, and the soup is mix with broth, green onions and mushrooms.  It was a perfect portion enough to fill our stomach while waiting for our food.

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Best Fall Recipes To Help You Kick Off The Season

Best Fall Recipes To Help You Kick Off The Season is finally here everyone. I received an email from Pillsbury about their best fall recipes to kick off the season.  A lot of us is doing the preparation on what to cook for this coming Thanksgiving, Christmas and so on.  It’s that time of the year where the house is going to start smelling all the cooking and baking that is happening in the kitchen.  Food some reason Fall excites me, I don’t know why, I guess it’s because of the colors and the feel of the holiday.

Today I am going to share these best fall recipes to help you kick off the season.  These are the recipes I found on the Pillsbury web site that was sent to me through email.  Most of these recipes you probably knew or have made before.

Let’s start with the Comforting Casseroles, I don’t know about you all but when it’s cold outside making casseroles is a must at home.  It’s very comforting, and also it’s a crowd pleaser, especially on the weekend.

  Click here for recipe.

Chicken Spinach Artichoke Biscuit Casserole, oh this looks so inviting and tasty.  This is perfect to take to any occasion, it will definitely be a big hit in the crowd.  I love anything with spinach and artichoke. Read more

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