Cooking Brown Rice (Giving Brown Rice A New Level)

Cooking brown rice can sometimes be intimidating just because it’s hard and so different from cooking just the regular rice. In our house, we don’t eat much white rice anymore since my husband can’t have it all the time.  So the doctor told us that we can eat brown rice, quinoa and so on.   At first, he was not in love with brown rice at all, because of the texture.  However, I discover something that when it comes to cooking brown rice, you don’t have to follow what the package says on how to cook it.  To make the brown rice fluffy like the regular rice, you have to add more water to the brown rice when you cook it.

So on this post, I will show you how I cook my brown rice, giving brown rice a new level.  Yes, add flavors to it and spice that I like using to get more attention I’d say.  This method is pretty simple, and doesn’t requires a lot of ingredients and don’t need to watch all the time.   Read more

Baked Delicious Whole Chicken with Vegetables

This baked delicious whole chicken with vegetables is perfect for a lazy day.  This one whole chicken last us for about two days.  I paired it with green beans and carrots since I have them on hand already.  The spices I use for the chicken are mostly the spice that I already have in my pantry.  The chicken was about over 2 pounds, it was a big one and not a small either.  It was a medium size chicken that is just perfect for the three of us.

I patted dry the chicken after I washed it, and stuffed the inside with lemongrass, onions, and ginger.  You can stuff the chicken with anything that you want.  But the lemongrass gave the chicken a delicious flavor.  I used one lemon, about a ⅓ oil, and the spice that I love using.  If you don’t like using paprika,  and chili powder you can substitute this with other spice.  Make this chicken the way you want it to taste that your family will enjoy. Read more

How to Sell Your Home and Travel the World

Image Credited: Pixabay

How to Sell Your Home and Travel the World

It’s tempting.  Put your Atlanta home for sale, unload all your belongings, quit your job, load a backpack, and explore the world. Plenty of people are doing it. Some near the beginning of their careers with fewer belongings to leave behind, but there are others too—all the way from families with small children to retirees.

Don’t Rush

So if living the nomadic life is something you are seriously considering, the people who’ve already taken that step to say—don’t rush. It takes some planning on your part. One world traveler says he began the process more than a year ahead.

Center Your Mind

Everyone agrees that to start you need to get your mind centered on the idea of letting go of objects in favor of the experiences you’ll gain. That recumbent exercise bike that’s served as a coat hanger could turn into a lovely meal in Vienna overlooking the Danube.

Before you sell your home, give serious thought to how long you realistically believe your travel bug will last. That may factor into exactly how many of your possessions you wish to sell or store. Once you’ve figured that out, you need to sort through everything. Read more

Best Places to Visit in Texas

The photo is Credited Back To Canva

Today post is about the Best Places to Visit in Texas.  If I have not told you, I used to live in Austin Texas for a few months.  Then I moved to Houston Texas because I bought a house there.  I must say Texas is pretty and there are so many places that you can visit.  They have great food, and a lot of entertainment, such as food trip, adventures with the family and so on. On this post, I’ll be sharing you this guest post that was submitted to me by one of my readers.

So I hope that as you read this post will make a plan a trip to Texas.  Or if you already planning to visit Texas make sure that you visit some of these places I have listed here.  Most of these places I’ve visited already, and it was a lot of fun.  Let’s get started every one.

The photo is Credited Back to Pixabay

Texas is a massive state. In fact, it’s bigger than the majority of independent countries in the world. This leaves lots of room for all kinds of family-friendly activities. Whether you’re looking for a cool history lesson, a place that the kids will love, a spot to admire the great outdoors, or somewhere with all of the above, Texas has it all. Here are the best places to visit in the state of Texas. Read more

Crock-pot Pinto & Northern Beans

The crockpot is one of my favorites kitchen appliances that I used during winter. Crockpot pinto and northern beans are ingredients that perfect to combine. Pinto and Northern beans soup is very comforting for this cold weather. Not only is comforting but it’s also healthy for your body.

This crockpot pinto and northern beans are very delicious and easy to make. It took us about three days to eat all of these soup. You can divide the soup by putting them inside a container. Read more

Cooking Filipino Food For Dinner

If you have been following my blog you know that I was born and raised in the Philippines.  We ate a lot of fish and dried fish in the Philippines, and I am happy to be able to buy some dried fish here in the US.  Cooking Filipino food for dinner in our house happens all the time, it’s because my husband and our youngest daughter love eating the dish I prepare.  The one thing that amazed and surprised me the most is them eating dried fish.  If you know what dried fish is and how it smells then you know exactly why I was amazed by my husband and daughter eating them. Read more

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