Review Term

Website review or any specific post request are $50 and up, payment due via PayPal.  Other forms of advertisements are welcome here on my blog.  You can simply contact me with your request and rates inquire.

I work hard on everything that I do.  Product must be $50 and up to review, I do make exceptions every day now and then for a product review.

  1.  An honest opinion will be given to the product I have review. Either it’s negative or positive.
  2. After 101 Food Travel has reviewed your products, the review will be posted here on my blog and it will contain a link back to your product link or your business home page.  Any social media links are required.
  3. I will be advertising the post to any social media network, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google and more.
  4. I am an active member of a lot of groups on Facebook and join on other giveaway and product reviews that other people hosted.
  5.  An actual full-size product is needed in order to conduct a thorough review, and once it sent to me it will become the property of 101 Food Travel.  There will be no return on any items.
  6. Any products provided for review must be provided by the business and shipped at the supplier cost.
  7.  The review will be posted once I received the products, and for any beauty supplies and other products, the review will be posted within 7 to 14 days. Request for certain post dates will also be entertained.
  8. As soon as the review is posted a link will be provided to you.
  9. This blog is family friendly and made to help you succeed and bring more customers to your business.  So, therefore; all products must be people, and family friendly.
  10. I won’t and will not post any content on my review that is posted on your site.  However, if you have a certain image for me to use on my post I’d be glad to use them.
  11. I have the right to decline any post or review request if it doesn’t meet the requirements I listed above.  This site is built to earn money and to help you make money.