It’s Cold Again!!!!

I thought the cold weather is over. Last week it was very warm here in Michigan and I feel like it was really spring. But it was so shocking for me when it start to snowing again. I didn’t like it at all because first of all I want warm weather. I’m tired of winter, I want sun hehehehhe. This last couple days we had some snow in our ground but it melts right away. So it’s a good thing, I’m still scared after my accident.

Right now it’s 26 deg. here, it’s cold that’s why I’ve been a little lazy going out. I just want to stay at home and stay warm hehhehe. When it’s cold it sure makes us lazy hehhehehe I don’t know if you feel the same way but that’s what I feel when it’s cold oh my I just don’t want to work. So hopefully soon the weather will be warm and nice.

Alright everyone that’s it for now. I’ll post more later.

Saturday Night!!!!

Today I felt so lazy and tired after all the worked I did this week. I got up late today which I always do when it’s Saturday. Then get some ice tea to drink and start the computer. All I did today is to making post in my blog and watch tv. Anyway at noon we went out to go to the office of my bf to clean the fish tank. We didn’t finished at the time I thought we will. However, I enjoy cleaning the fish tank and catching the fish hehehehe. After the cleaning is done we went to out favorite place Qdoba for our lunch. Then visit our friend and stay for awhile. We didn’t do much today at all because were having some friends tonight in our house to watch UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). It’s our most favorite show, and whenever there’s a pay per view we always watch it because most fighters are great and usually our favorites.

So right now were just waiting for our friends to arrive some of them call that they couldn’t make it but some are coming. I guess that’s it for tonight and more sharing later hehehehhe.

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!

I’m wishing you all the joy that Easter can bring, a day when you’ll find happiness in everything. May it be a day of warm memories to share, with enough sunshine to make you forget your cares. On Easter Day, I’ll say a prayer for you, in hopes that your fondestdream will come true. Happy Easter every one…

Thank You So Much To Ivy

I would like to send my thank you to dai Ivy for making this new home of mine. Without her all her help and talent my new home won’t be finished. But because of all her time and effort that she spent her i have my blogspot. Thank you so much Ivy, I know this is hard to do and I really appreciated everything you did. I love this new home of mine and I am proud of it.

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