White Chocolate Princess Dip

White chocolate princess dip would be so perfect to serve on any occasion really. However, this would be an awesome dip when you are throwing a baby shower. Or even a birthday party to your baby girl. This white chocolate princess dip reminds me of the unicorn for some reason.

The ingredients for this white chocolate princess dip is pretty simple and colorful as well. This would be a perfect dip to make with your little girl who likes to be in the kitchen. I know my daughter loves helping me in the kitchen when I cook. It’s our another way of mommy and daughter bonding.

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Sheet Pan Garlic Parmesan Steak

Another great recipe here everyone Sheet Pan Garlic Parmesan Steak that is perfect to pair with salad, tacos, vegetables, or even rice of your choice. I love this type of recipe because not only you are baking your meat, you are also throwing some vegetables.


The ingredients that are included in this dish is pretty much in your pantry already. I love baking the skirt steak, it gives out so many flavors especially when you season it just right.

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Turkey Mushroom Sliders

Turkey Mushroom Sliders is the recipe that I’m gonna be sharing with you today. This kind of sandwich/sliders is very popular in our home. I make sliders all year round, it’s very convenient to make and easy.

Turkey mushroom sliders are a great dish to carry or serve is many parties. It’s something that can easily be served as appetizers while waiting for that delicious main dish you are preparing. Whenever I throw a party for my husband and kids I always make sliders/sandwiches like this because it’s easy.

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Lemon Basil Couscous Salad

Today I’m sharing you this delicious Lemon Basil Couscous. This dish is very healthy, and full with so many flavor. This dish needs to be marinate for at least 4 hours, or even overnight if you are not using it right away. Marinating this for along hours gives time for the chicken to soak in all the flavors.

As summer is approaching we seem to crave for those meals that are easy to make but with a lot of flavors. If you are like me, I love eating salad in the summertime for some reason. Maybe because of the weather being hot or something but there is something about eating salad.

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15 Delicious Casseroles

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I know summer is here and we change our menu a little bit. However, we can’t replace that casseroles recipe because they are so convenient and easy to make.

Today I am sharing you this 15 Delicious Casseroles that you add to your casserole collections. These recipes are perfect for any day and anytime. I, myself I don’t do a lot of casserole in the summer for some reason but I always keep recipes on hand just encase I want to make one.

15 Delicious Casseroles doesn’t seem a lot but this will. come very handy on a lot of gathering that you gonna be going this summer. Casseroles are a popular dish because it doesn’t require a lot of time to make it.

Let’s get started with this list. 

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