Tilapia Cooked in Vinegar & Spices

Tilapia Cooked in Vinegar & Spices is also known as Paksiw na Tilapia in my country.  This recipe is very easy to make, and so delicious.  I don’t make tilapia cooked in vinegar & spices all the time since my husband cannot handle the smell of the vinegar.  Most of the time I make this dish when he is not home.  By the time he gets home, it’s all done and ready to eat.

Paksiw is a very popular dish in the Philippines, there is a different variation of paksiw recipe.  My favorite, however, is the fish paksiw, you can use any fish you want for this recipe.  Tilapia fish is one of my favorites to cook other than the salmon.  My husband, he does eat the tilapia but the filet, every now and I then I buy fish with the head included, just because I love it that way.

Tilapia cooked in vinegar and spice is very delicious, I love the combination of the flavors. The ginger has a big part to this dish.  As you all may know already, I love using ginger pretty much on everything.  Not only it makes my dish taste good, but it’s also good for our body. Read more

Salmon Head Soup With Sweet Potato Leaves

Salmon Head Soup With Sweet Potato Leaves is so delicious.  It has been awhile since I cook fish head, I think its been about two years.  Yes that long, because the first time I made head fish soup I didn’t really like it.  I don’t know why, but I guess because of the head fish that I bought.  This salmon soup with sweet potato leaves is very healthy and delicious.  I didn’t use any oil, all I did is just boiled some water.

I used sinigang mix and knorr cubes as well, sinigang mix can be found at the Asian market.  The Knorr cubes you can pretty much buy this at any local grocery store.  Salmon soup with sweet potato leaves is very healthy and something that my husband loves to eat.  Even just with the soup with fish on it would be great for his health.  I am trying to make seafood each week because it’s food for all of us.

I was very surprised that my daughter also enjoys the soup, matter of fact she ate with some rice.   You can eat this soup just by itself or you can eat this with rice.   Read more

Blue Crabs with Lemongrass

Blue Crabs with Lemongrass is the recipe that I am gonna be sharing with you today. I went to one of my favorite farmers market located in Bufford, Georgia.  Whenever I have time to visit this farmers market I never missed buying some of the food that I need.  I have been sick for the few weeks, so I was in the mood for some seafood.  My husband was very supportive for me to visit the farmers again so I can buy few things.

I bought different kind of fish, vegetables, some Filipino food and then, of course, the crabs.   During my visit, I decided to buy some blue crabs that are alive.  Catching them to put inside the bag was a lot of challenge.  I was trying not to get bit and just to drop them on the floor at the same time.  It has been a long time since I had some blue crabs so I thought why not buy some. Read more

Shrimp with Garlic

Shrimp is one thing that I enjoy cooking at home.  Shrimp with Garlic is very easy and it’s one of my husband favorite.  Every now and then my husband will request shrimp for dinner.  So I always have shrimps stored in our freezer to be ready.  When I make my shrimp I always just use butter and garlic.  On this recipe, I used a lot of garlic, and about ¼ cup of butter.

Read more

Sauteed Squid

Sauteed Squid is something that we don’t eat all the time just because I try to rotate what I cook each week.  However, the other day when my husband and I went to one of the Asian stores. He then decided that he wants to have some squid.  Normally I buy the one that is not cooked yet.  Since we found can squid we decided to give it a try.  One thing I like about my husband is that he is not afraid to try Filipino food.  When he handed me the canned squid I was very unsure about how it’s going to taste.

The other day I decided to cook the canned squid. Since the squid is already cooked all I have to do is just sauteed it with some vegetables that I want.  The canned squid is very good actually, it tastes just as good as the one I have been making.  This dinner is ready in about 10 minutes, all you really do when cooking the canned squid is the vegetables. If you want to make this sauteed squid, I suggest visiting your local Asian store and find this canned squid that I use.  Of course, you can use the different brand as well, but this particular brand I use for me is just delicious. Read more

Shrimp & Salted Eggs

Shrimp & Salted Eggs are very delicious. I don’t know if a lot of people heard about salted eggs but one thing for sure they are delicious. A friend of mine she sells salted eggs for a very great price. Since it has been awhile since the last time I had salted eggs I decided to buy some. Although I know that my husband and kids won’t eat the salted eggs because it’s a little bit salty. I went ahead at bought few eggs any, because I love it. With the salted eggs it’s delicious if you mix it with tomatoes, peppers, cilantro and a little bit of lemon juice or vinegar. The cilantro is optional but since I love adding cilantro on a lot of my dish I decided to add some with my salted eggs.

On my shrimp, it’s very easy. I use a lot of garlic and I used butter instead of olive oil. There’s something about the butter that always makes the shrimp taste so much better. I also use celery leaves, salt and pepper to taste. Cooking shrimp is easy, I don’t overcook my shrimp because if I do it’s difficult to get peel. I don’t cook shrimp all the time but every now and then I surprised my crew for it. Shrimp and salted eggs are delicious to eat with rice. Shrimp & Salted Eggs are really good to eat every now and then.  It can be addicting sometimes though, but definitely worth it. You can use the salted eggs on some of your recipe as well.