Turkey Mushroom Sliders

Turkey Mushroom Sliders is the recipe that I’m gonna be sharing with you today. This kind of sandwich/sliders is very popular in our home. I make sliders all year round, it’s very convenient to make and easy.

Turkey mushroom sliders are a great dish to carry or serve is many parties. It’s something that can easily be served as appetizers while waiting for that delicious main dish you are preparing. Whenever I throw a party for my husband and kids I always make sliders/sandwiches like this because it’s easy.

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Cheesy Chicken Salisbury

Cheesy Chicken Salisbury is delicious and oh full of different flavor.  When you don’t know what to eat for dinner but your brain is flooded with all sorts of recipes idea. You always end up making something that will surprise everyone.  I don’t cook too often since I don’t have much time on my hand most of the day.  However, I like buying ingredients that I think I’m gonna need later.  Since my husband can’t eat beef or pork, instead of using beef on this recipe.  I decided to replace the beef with the chicken and just sliced it thin.

The cheesy chicken Salisbury is very easy to make and oh full so much flavor.   You can use any meat that you wish to use, but we prefer chicken in our household.  I used the King’s Hawaiian bread because it’s sweet I think there’s about 12 in one pack.  Then I used two different cheese one is provolone and then mozzarella.  I also used two cups of mushrooms, three tablespoons of butter, one tablespoon of parsley, four cloves of garlic, one big onion that I sliced thin, two cups of chicken broth and three tablespoons sour cream. Read more

Must Try Summer Paninis

So many things to do this summer, and I am happy to share these Must-Try Summer Paninis recipes.  I know a lot of people are planning on doing a lot of grilling this time of year.  However, not all have time to grill or spend time cooking because of work schedule.  I am happy to share these Must-Try Summer Paninis.  If you have sandwich maker this is your lifesaver.  Paninis are delicious and easy to make, you can pretty much make it however you please.

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Hawaiin Chicken & Swiss Sandwich

Another awesome recipe here everyone, yup I made Hawaiin Chicken & Swiss Sandwich ,a delicious sandwich for our dinner tonight. My husband and kids really enjoy it.  The recipe is very simple, and doesn’t need much of the ingredients. As you all know, we hardly cook something with pork or beef in our house. Most of meal is either with chicken, turkey or fish. Although sometimes I do prepare different seafood’s since it’s food for my husband health.

Chicken can be tiring sometimes, so twisting it and making the best of it is a must in our house. Adding a little bit of this, that, and those to change the taste is great idea. Your meal doesn’t need to taste all the same just because you are using the same ingredients or meat.  Hawaiin chicken & swiss sandwich is very delicious and ready in less than 30 minutes. So let’s get started. Read more