Toronto Fun Facts Toronto Canada

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Toronto, Canada is the capital of the province of Ontario and is by far its largest city in both size and population. It is home to 25% of Canada’s total population. Toronto was first inhabited by European Settlers in the 1500’s. At the time Toronto and its surrounding area was merely a vast area of only trees and water.

Today, Toronto is a modern city both culturally and economically. Each of Canada’s main financial institutions has its international headquarters located in Toronto and several US car manufacturers have their Canadian headquarters in Toronto or in nearby Mississauga, Canada. There are many things about Toronto that may surprise visitors. From its citizens to its natural beauty it is truly a city of much splendor. Here are just a few things that make Toronto one of the most unique and welcoming cities in the world:

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Best Places to Visit in Texas

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Today post is about the Best Places to Visit in Texas.  If I have not told you, I used to live in Austin Texas for a few months.  Then I moved to Houston Texas because I bought a house there.  I must say Texas is pretty and there are so many places that you can visit.  They have great food, and a lot of entertainment, such as food trip, adventures with the family and so on. On this post, I’ll be sharing you this guest post that was submitted to me by one of my readers.

So I hope that as you read this post will make a plan a trip to Texas.  Or if you already planning to visit Texas make sure that you visit some of these places I have listed here.  Most of these places I’ve visited already, and it was a lot of fun.  Let’s get started every one.

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Texas is a massive state. In fact, it’s bigger than the majority of independent countries in the world. This leaves lots of room for all kinds of family-friendly activities. Whether you’re looking for a cool history lesson, a place that the kids will love, a spot to admire the great outdoors, or somewhere with all of the above, Texas has it all. Here are the best places to visit in the state of Texas. Read more

Georgia Vacation Destinations

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Georgia, located in the southeastern United States, has diverse geography and landscapes. Within its borders, Atlantic beaches, barrier islands, mountains, large lakes, rivers, and big cities can be found. One of the original thirteen colonies, the state is also rich in history. The peach state offers a wide variety of vacation destinations, perfect for a weekend getaway, a day trip, or week-long respite.


This small town is located in the mountains, literally a stone’s throw away from the North Carolina border. The scenery is magnificent, with row upon row of blue mountains, green forests, and tiny farms tucked in fertile valleys. The downtown area is lined with shops that sell local crafts, specialty items, antiques, Christmas ornaments and decorations, and homemade jams, jellies, syrups, pickles, and relishes. Read more

Gatlinburg Tennessee

My husband and I decided to take a mini vacation to Gatlinburg Tennessee a few weeks ago. We did a Gatlinburg Mini Vacation since it was my step-daughter Fall Break. We didn’t tell the kids for weeks on what we gonna be doing, that way it’s a great surprise for both kids. Gatlinburg is one of our favorite place to visit, it’s not only beautiful but also the atmosphere is just great.

We stayed at the Sidney James Mountain Lodge, the price for few nights stay was a great deal. Though the best was not the most comfortable of all, we still enjoyed our stay. The room is very clean, and the staff is very friendly. Our room did not include complimentary breakfast. However, we didn’t mind it since there are places around us that we can visit for breakfast.

When we arrived at the lodge, it was still too early to check-in to our room.  So we all decided to walk around Gatlinburg downtown.  It wasn’t too cold when we arrived, but then the clouds didn’t look too good at all.  After walking around downtown we decided to visit the aquarium.

This Aquarium is very neat, and the staff is very friendly. It took us about two hours or so, to finish the aquarium. Then we check-in to our room, for our dinner we decided to eat at Johnny Rockets. I must say the food at this restaurant was amazing. It was so delicious, and the dessert oh my can definitely make you gain weight. It was definitely a great experience to eat at this place, the staff is very friendly. The server was really fast, we didn’t have to wait a long time for our food to get to our table.

During our stay in Gatlinburg, we visited few places, we didn’t take a lot of pictures since it was raining a little bit. However, it didn’t rain all the time we were at Gatlinburg, on our last day we pretty much just being lazy did breakfast at Cracker Barrell and then drove home. I’d say though I have never seen so much candy in my life but at this place.  Read more

Dinner at Toke – Sushi & Thai Grill

Dinner at Toke Sushi & Thai Grill is something that we don’t really do often. We like exploring to a different restaurant and taste all sort of food, my step-daughter and husband love eating especially if it’s something that I don’t make at home often. Toke Sushi and Thai Grill are located in Fort Payne Alabama, this restaurant offers a lot of fantastic food, they have different sushi and all sort of spicy food that you can order.

The first food we got on our table was the soup and salad that came with two of our orders. The salad was topped with the ginger dressing, and the soup is mix with broth, green onions, and mushrooms. It was a perfect portion enough to fill our stomach while waiting for our food


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Family Day Out at Desoto State Park

Family Day Out at Desoto State Park, the sound of the waterfalls is just so relaxing and amusing.  The Desoto State Park is located on a beautiful Lookout Mountain in scenic of Northeast Alabama. It’s accented by many rushing waterfalls and the beautiful fragrant of wildflowers that will simply take you breath away. This is a perfect place to visited and enjoy the mother nature.  Desoto State Park was developed in the late 1930’s by the hard working and dedicated men of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).

This place offers a very family friendly atmosphere that will hold wonder for people of all ages. I have been coming to this place and each time we visited here I always get amazed at how beautiful it is.  My husband and I took our kids here again since our youngest daughter has not seen this waterfalls.  It was definitely a great day because we were able to walk on the water and play. Read more