iPhone 7plus Device

Since one of the lines we have was due for an upgrade I decided that it’s time to give the iPhone 7plus device a try. Finally Moved to iPhone and Left Android. I was thinking on getting the iPhone 6plus, however for the price difference I made up my mind to go with the iPhone 7plus.  A friend of mine had told me about the difference between having an iPhone and Android device.

A big example is my husband, for as long as I can remember he always been the android type kind of guy. He swore he will never get an iPhone for various reason. However, he didn’t stick to that thinking, when his phone was due for an upgrade he decided to give the iPhone a try. Make the story he ends up like the iPhone device.  Although they’re not much free stuff you can get like Android, he said having an iPhone is a lot more fun than he thought. Read more

My New Vanity

My husband told me since I’ve been really good mommy that I deserve to have this beautiful Vanity.  I price these Vanity online, it’s very pricey.  I feel so lucky that my husband actually thought of me having my new improve sturdy vanity.  This vanity is great because it came with all the light, they are all bright.  Although we put some L.E.D on them now to keep the heat down.  Because if we leave the lights that came with the vanity oh they will make your room warm.

I love the fact that it’s white, matches everything that I have on my little make-up side of the world.  My husband knew I needed a new Vanity.  Now I am re arranging everything on my table to make sure they look the way I wanted.  It will probably take a lot of moving here and moving there to get the right place for this vanity but oh well that’s part of it.

This Vanity can me mount on a sturdy table, it came with screws and everything. But for now I just have this on the a top of the table, since I have not found the right table I want for my make-up. Anyway, thank you for stopping by everyone, and you all have a great day.