How To Make Your Own Sushi

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If you love sushi as much as I do, then this post is for you. My husband and I are big sushi lover. Yeah, we love eating sushi, and if we could eat it every we will. However, buying sushi all the time at restaurants or store can be expensive. So why not learn how to make it yourself right? It’s inexpensive, and you can enjoy it more often. So today, I am sharing you How To Make Your Own Sushi.

Love sushi but can’t afford to eat it as often as you’d like? Learn how to save money by making sushi at home with this series of simple how-to articles. Beginning sushi making takes a bit of practice to get the hang of, so the first few attempts may not be pretty. After the sushi rice has been prepared and allowed to cool, it’s time to move on to the next step in the process. Make sure that the following items are on hand:

Sushi rolling mat (You can find this on any Asian store, or store that carry international products/items). Rolling mat plays a big roll on making a great sushi.

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How To Make A Healthy Easter Dinner

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Having an Easter dinner that is healthy is very important for today’s obesity rates. Kid’s obesity rates have drastically risen within the last ten years. Kids are filling up with more junk food than healthy food. Parents should take their child’s Easter candy and allow a certain amount a day. This is also helpful because when the parent cooks a healthy Easter dinner, the child will eat up the healthy food too.

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When cooking an Easter dinner, always try to use butter and sugar substitutes. These are better for the body than regular butter and sugar. When someone serves a lot of butter and/or butter cooked foods, it will raise cholesterol and could over time cause more heart problems. This is very important in older adults. Also, be aware of any special food restrictions the host’s family, friends or guests may have.

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Always include vegetables and fruit in an Easter dinner. Fruits and vegetables can be cooked in many different appetizing ways to entice the children. It is very important to include healthy times such as veggies and fruit because they will keep children on a balanced diet and will help them grow big and strong. When cooking the fruits and veggies, be sure to use minimum amounts of oil and sugar.

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7 Delish Carbs that Won’t Make you Put On

There are fats, and then there are healthy fats, and in a similar way, there are carbs, and there are healthy carbs. If you’re on the weight loss bandwagon and are staying off carbs as much as you can, here us out for once!
We’ve shortlisted some super delicious carb sources for you that won’t make you put on the weight. Yes! That’s right. Read on to know more!

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Oats actually come on top of our list for several reasons. You already know how it is one of the healthiest breakfast options considering how it is low in calories and packed with fiber. Plus, oats are super versatile too, and you can experiment a lot with them. What’s more, your body takes a little bit more time to break down these complex carbohydrate sources, which means you’ll feel less hungry soon after you’re done eating it.

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If you’re on a low-carb diet, you probably know that fruits are off the table for you, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Right? Wrong. Apart from giving you a good dose of sugar, fruits also offer several important nutrients, and you absolutely need to have them on a daily basis. Keep the servings small, but make sure you’re still having 2-3 different types every day. Read more

101 Food Travel

So I was contemplating about narrowing down my niche. And there are few things that I really enjoy and that is cooking, traveling and enjoying life. So I have to start all over gaining followers, viewers, readers and subscribers. I decided to better start it now than later. I let go of my blogger blog and my blog since I was to take the next steps of my blogging carrier.

Yes it will takes time but I think starting now is a smart idea. I thank all the blogger who have inspired me to move to I was getting frustrated dealing with my other domain yesterday and not able to post anything, so instead of wasting time. I told myself you know what this is my change to create a new domain and actually point it to my niche. Then I came up with the, the reason for that is because my family and I loves food, and we enjoy traveling whenever we can.

Although I will be sharing more stuff here, it’s not just food or traveling, it’s about the fun in life we experienced.

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Hello Everyone

You all are probably wondering why is my blog name has changed.  Well that’s because I am taking this blogging thing to the next level.  Thank you to all those who have inspired me, it was a lot of headache but I managed to do it myself with helps from tech support and reading from other bloggers.

Merging two of my blog and just maintaining one is so much easier.  Now I am ready for the next adventure of this blogging life.

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Things You Can Do To Have Great Morning

I know getting up in the morning is the hardest part of our day especially if you are not a morning person.  How many times do you press that snooze button before you get up each morning, putting off just to get that extra sleep before getting out of bed and starting your day a little late?

Even I am guilty of this, I like having a little time in my bed before emerging and then rushing. Ignoring your hungry stomach, contemplating if you should just skip showering, or just soaking your hair with a little sprinkle of water, and hope that no one will notice that you just pull your shirt off the laundry basket and didn’t have time to iron it.

We can love the morning or hate it, but the truth is we have to get up and start our day fresh. None of those feeling tire attitude, grumpy, stresses, and rushing. Because that really affects how our day goes.  So here some tips that we all can apply to our Morning.

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