Little Crafty Hand 

In our house we are teaching to our kids there’s more you can do in the house than being in the computer or cellphone. So we try to do craft and other stuff around the house .  The other night our daughter made her ornaments, it was so cute watching her made these ornaments. Hearing her expression and joy on making it just made us all smile.

She made one ornaments for mommy and daddy, then one for herself.  This year she made few ornaments which I will be posting soon, can’t wait to have more craft done with this baby girl.

DIY Mickey Mouse Wreath

Finally this is finished ,  making this wreath was a lot of fun. I wanted to finished this early today but due to my busy schedule ,  I had to wait until I am done with my errands. My husband and Daughter helped me a lot making this wreath. Although I burnt my fingers only plenty of times ,  I can honesty say it was well worth. 

So below is a pictures of everything from scratch to finished. Most pictures I made a collage so I won’t have to post so many pictures in one post lol. Yeah like you will notice right. 

At first it didn’t make sense but the longer you work on it fun it is. Remembered hearing my daughter “oh wow mommy that’s so beautiful “.  She was very happy tickle that we are making Mickey Mouse Wreath. I love saving money, and diy is a way of saving money and still have the elegant beautiful decorations .  

This next picture is the finished project. mission accomplished for this project as I have more waiting for me. 😃.. 

So what you all think of this diy ? if you like doing diy as well please feel free to share your finished project. 

For Some Reason

This time of year crafting is a lot of fun for me, I guess because of the colors that this holiday brings.  So last night I decided to make this Mickey Mouse wreath.  I had no idea what  I was into really.  I was doing it for my daughter and husband so we will have craft night.  I am not completely done with this project but I thought I’d share this progress look.


I am very thankful that my husband helped me with this project.  Because honestly it was a lot of work, plus Hot Glue and I just didn’t work well last night.  Making this just made me happy because it brings so much joy to our little girl. She is very tickled that I am making mickey mouse wreath.  This won’t be a long post since it’s just a preview of the unfinished work.  On my next post I will be posting the things I used.

Have fun crafting everyone and may you all have a wonderful fun Christmas.