15 Delicious Casseroles

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I know summer is here and we change our menu a little bit. However, we can’t replace that casseroles recipe because they are so convenient and easy to make.

Today I am sharing you this 15 Delicious Casseroles that you add to your casserole collections. These recipes are perfect for any day and anytime. I, myself I don’t do a lot of casserole in the summer for some reason but I always keep recipes on hand just encase I want to make one.

15 Delicious Casseroles doesn’t seem a lot but this will. come very handy on a lot of gathering that you gonna be going this summer. Casseroles are a popular dish because it doesn’t require a lot of time to make it.

Let’s get started with this list. 

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Chicken Quinoa With Veggies

Here’s another recipe for everyone, today I am sharing your this chicken quinoa with veggies. This dish is full with so much flavor and super easy to make as well. If you love eating quinoa as much as I do, then this recipe is for you. I make this when I do meal prepping, or when I don’t have much time in my hand. You can have your meal ready in 30 minutes.

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7 Delish Carbs that Won’t Make you Put On

There are fats, and then there are healthy fats, and in a similar way, there are carbs, and there are healthy carbs. If you’re on the weight loss bandwagon and are staying off carbs as much as you can, here us out for once!
We’ve shortlisted some super delicious carb sources for you that won’t make you put on the weight. Yes! That’s right. Read on to know more!

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Oats actually come on top of our list for several reasons. You already know how it is one of the healthiest breakfast options considering how it is low in calories and packed with fiber. Plus, oats are super versatile too, and you can experiment a lot with them. What’s more, your body takes a little bit more time to break down these complex carbohydrate sources, which means you’ll feel less hungry soon after you’re done eating it.

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If you’re on a low-carb diet, you probably know that fruits are off the table for you, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Right? Wrong. Apart from giving you a good dose of sugar, fruits also offer several important nutrients, and you absolutely need to have them on a daily basis. Keep the servings small, but make sure you’re still having 2-3 different types every day. Read more

Overnight Lasagna

Who doesn’t want an Overnight Lasagna? Oh my, this Lasagna would be perfect to make on a busy week or even on the weekend. My husband and kids love lasagna, and I am constantly on the hunt for a new recipe each time they request for lasagna. I always believe that the easier the better, and of course, it has to taste delicious also.

Overnight lasagna would fit perfectly for us since we are constantly on the run. I don’t even remember the time we slowed down working. Anyway, this overnight lasagna is very easy to make. Doesn’t require a lot of ingredients nor your time. It’s cheesy and will make you make more of this kind. Assembling everything ahead of time, and just put in the oven the next day you wake-up, what a great meal right?

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21 Delicious and Easy Kielbasa Recipes

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21 Delicious and Easy Kielbasa Recipes is what I’m gonna be sharing today. No matter how great of a cook you are, there always that time where we wonder what to cook for the next meal. Most of the time finding different recipes aside from what we normally cook daily is awesome. I love changing up the meal each week around our house that way my husband and kids won’t get tired eating the same food.

Being flexible in cooking a different meal is great and fun to do as well. You don’t have to be a perfect chef to cook a delicious meal. Looking at these 21 delicious and easy kielbasa recipes makes my mouth water. So much delicious recipes to choose too and most of these recipes are easy to make as well. Read more

Salmon Head Soup With Sweet Potato Leaves

Salmon Head Soup With Sweet Potato Leaves is so delicious.  It has been awhile since I cook fish head, I think its been about two years.  Yes that long, because the first time I made head fish soup I didn’t really like it.  I don’t know why, but I guess because of the head fish that I bought.  This salmon soup with sweet potato leaves is very healthy and delicious.  I didn’t use any oil, all I did is just boiled some water.

I used sinigang mix and knorr cubes as well, sinigang mix can be found at the Asian market.  The Knorr cubes you can pretty much buy this at any local grocery store.  Salmon soup with sweet potato leaves is very healthy and something that my husband loves to eat.  Even just with the soup with fish on it would be great for his health.  I am trying to make seafood each week because it’s food for all of us.

I was very surprised that my daughter also enjoys the soup, matter of fact she ate with some rice.   You can eat this soup just by itself or you can eat this with rice.   Read more