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Every city has its charms. It doesn’t matter whether it has 500 thousand citizens or 15 million citizens, one can always find something beautiful about it. Still, large cities with their extravagant planning, skyscrapers and unique architecture tend to impress us more. Of all the megalopolises in the world Shanghai, Dubai and Tokyo are architectural gems that are offering hints of how the future of urban life will look like.

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Just 30 years ago, China was struggling with its economy and how to maintain its population. Since then, China has come a long way and Shanghai is the epitome of its success. The technologically advanced skyscrapers in the very heart of Shanghai will take your breath away, regardless of whether you decide to take a cruise or ride over the city with a chopper. Some of the tallest buildings in the world can be seen there. Lighting is a story in itself – professional, artistic, simply awesome. Every 2 days a new 50 stores high building gets erected. A place well worth visiting is the main street, where around 3 million people circulate each day.

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Tokyo is a place where the past and future meet. Strolling through Tokyo, one can witness old Japanese 4 store apartment buildings, European styled monuments and parks and, but of course, ultra-modern skyscrapers. If you decide to visit Mt.Fuji for some peace and quiet, do observe the panoramic view as you leave the very center. Chances are you’ve never seen huge buildings so densely put together. Tokyo is famous for its exhilarating nightlife. Probably most famous for its ‘Rabu Hoteru’ district.

Photo is credited back to Pixabay.


In 1954, Dubai was merely a small town inhabited by 20,000 people. Today it numbers around 1.5 million inhabitants. Its unprecedented growth will probably continue in the future as there are a lot of investors. Dubai is the home of some of the most unique architectural solutions like Jumeirah Islands and Burj Khalifa. Driving through Dubai at night is an amazing experience – sand dunes mix with contemporary design, old-school Arabic houses on artificial lakes and unique lighting. Tokyo, Shanghai and Dubai are cities of the future. The innovative, high-tech architectural solutions one can see there do not exist anywhere else. One must simply marvel at their beauty and ingeniousness.

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