7 Warm Cocktail Recipes

7 Warm Cocktail Recipes for a cold winter is what I’m sharing with you today. If you are like me who loves making some cocktails when it’s nasty outside. My husband and I love sitting down on our couch and visit while it’s pouring rain or just too cold for us to be outside.

Most of these cocktail ingredients are probably in your pantry already, especially if you like collecting different kind of liquor like us. One of my favorite on this list that I have tried already is the Kaluha Hot Chocolate. I made it last year, the taste was perfect just the way I want.

If you try all of these recipes let me know you like them, and also let the creator know how much you like the cocktail they made. The spiked peppermint hot chocolate would be perfect to make on Christmas night while finishing up wrapping some of the gifts. Another thing that I am anxious to try is the Italian hot chocolate with Kirsh and hazelnuts.

My husband and I love hazelnuts so making this cocktail should not be a problem since we have some of the ingredients already. We will probably end-up trying everything really and pick our favorite. So let me know which one is your favorite from this list. These 7 warm cocktail recipes all sound delicious and comforting, makes me want to make some this weekend.

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  1. Oh my goodness, these sound amazing! I’ll admit, I don’t often indulge in hot chocolate, but I do like to have an “adult” variety from time to time lol…

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