Foods That Warms You Up On A Cold Day

There’s something about a cold winter day that makes you gravitate toward warm hearty foods.  When planning your menu for the winter months it is always a great idea to add plenty of foods that warm you up on a cold day to your menu.

Soups Stews and chilies are always a hit when it comes to food that will warm you up on a cold day.  Most recipes can be done in the slow cooker allowing you to come home to a hot meal at the end of the day or whipped up in the instant pot when you need something to warm you up fast.  If your family likes spicy foods give your stews and chili a bit of a kick to warm you from the inside out.

Home baked goods are a great way to warm you up on a cold day.  Not only is fresh warm baked goods warming and high in carbs that help fuel your bodies own thermal system baking helps to heat your home while the over releases heat.  Nothing will cheer dinner guests or hungry children coming out of the snowy weather like a fun treat fresh out of the oven.

Starting your day with a hot meal is a great way to send your family out with a warm hearty meal to keep them going.  Thick oatmeal is a great frugal and easy to fill your family up and help keep them warm.  If you want to run the oven to help take the morning chill out of your home biscuits and gravy are always a great hearty breakfast idea.

Coffee or hot cocoa make a great treat that will help warm your family up.  Not only is the warm beverage warming in itself but both contain caffeine which helps stimulate the metabolism burning more calories and warming your body up through this natural process.

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