Why I Travel For Food and So Should You

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As far as I can remember, I always had a passion for traveling, visiting new places and experiencing different cultures. As the time passed by, I realized that the strongest memories I had of some of my journeys were not resonating in particular with the local culture or architecture I had a chance to see. It resonated with the local food.

“Why with the food?”, I hear you asking. To tell you the truth, I was always keen on a good meal. Always wanted to try out new things and, when I was even at my early age, I enjoyed keeping my mother’s company in the kitchen. I guess that I have what they call a gift for cooking. I believe that one has to love to cook in order to be a good cook. And I do love cooking! I enjoy serving homemade specialties to all the guests that visit our house and my cookbook is full of recipes.

Then my passion for tasting different cuisine shouldn’t be much of a surprise. As the time passed, I even started choosing new travel destinations based on the food I wanted to try out.

Luckily enough, I was blessed to meet the man of my life, a person who enjoys the very same passion for traveling and food. Being married for more than 7 years now and having 2 beautiful children, we’ve managed to travel a lot and were able to experience many different flavors on our travels. It became kind of an addiction to us.

Do You Have to Save Money on Food When Traveling?

Being able to travel on a budget is a skill that military moms such as myself develop over the years. With 2 demanding kids, it’s almost impossible not to delve into your pocket all the time. And while my husband provides for the family and he provides good, it is never enough when you have termites around you.

Jokes aside, I’m the main travel planner in my family, which is understandable keeping in mind all the time my husband has to spend at work. It’s up to me to always come up with the best possible accommodation prices and to plan our trip carefully and considering our very tight budget.

However, when it comes to tasting local cuisine, we both agree that it’s ok not to be tight-fisted about it. Thanks to many services like Tripadvisor for example, we always plan ahead on where we should eat and what should we order.

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Food is the Soul of the Country

There is one common misconception between people who travel a lot regarding the local food. It’s a myth that the best way of tasting local cuisine is paying a visit to flashy restaurants. I’m not saying it’s not true that you can taste some wonderful dishes in pricey restaurants and taverns, but at the same time, I am sure that many times you can experience more authentic aroma when buying food on street stalls for example.

I remember the time we spent in Hong Kong. No restaurant dish was as tasty as grabbing the food on the go from the street, fresh out the frying pan. Not to mention, it was much less devastating for our pockets also.

In my opinion, having a unique local snack will help you familiarize yourself with the local culture and lifestyle to a great extent. I’m feeling a bit ashamed of myself for saying that my pizza was excellent after I had a chance to visit some of the most famous pizzerias in Naples, Italy. Naples is a truly beautiful city but our strongest memories will always be lurking around their pizza parlors, and I’ll always remember standing in line in front of the pizzeria, waiting for the bartender to let us in to have a quick snack. Priceless!

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16 thoughts on “Why I Travel For Food and So Should You

    1. For some reason each time we travel, even if it’s going to the other state we always want to know what is the food signature of the state. Same thing as you travel outside the country.

  1. Love you Spirit and agree whole-heartedly – Food is the soul – the cultural foundation of a country. Travel enables us to experience different cultures, but the experience of different cultures would not be the same as authentically sampling its cuisine.

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