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My husband and I decided to take a mini vacation to Gatlinburg Tennessee a few weeks ago. We did a Gatlinburg Mini Vacation since it was my step-daughter Fall Break. We didn’t tell the kids for weeks on what we gonna be doing, that way it’s a great surprise for both kids. Gatlinburg is one of our favorite place to visit, it’s not only beautiful but also the atmosphere is just great.

We stayed at the Sidney James Mountain Lodge, the price for few nights stay was a great deal. Though the best was not the most comfortable of all, we still enjoyed our stay. The room is very clean, and the staff is very friendly. Our room did not include complimentary breakfast. However, we didn’t mind it since there are places around us that we can visit for breakfast.

When we arrived at the lodge, it was still too early to check-in to our room.  So we all decided to walk around Gatlinburg downtown.  It wasn’t too cold when we arrived, but then the clouds didn’t look too good at all.  After walking around downtown we decided to visit the aquarium.

This Aquarium is very neat, and the staff is very friendly. It took us about two hours or so, to finish the aquarium. Then we check-in to our room, for our dinner we decided to eat at Johnny Rockets. I must say the food at this restaurant was amazing. It was so delicious, and the dessert oh my can definitely make you gain weight. It was definitely a great experience to eat at this place, the staff is very friendly. The server was really fast, we didn’t have to wait a long time for our food to get to our table.

During our stay in Gatlinburg, we visited few places, we didn’t take a lot of pictures since it was raining a little bit. However, it didn’t rain all the time we were at Gatlinburg, on our last day we pretty much just being lazy did breakfast at Cracker Barrell and then drove home. I’d say though I have never seen so much candy in my life but at this place. 

We visited the store called Chocolate Monkey, and oh my goodness. It was difficult for us to choose which one should we buy first. I got the jumbo chocolate cookies, and my step-daughter she got the apple. It was very delicious it was very well coated and the apples so delicious and crunchy. However, my step-daughter was not able to eat all the apple since it was big.

We had so much fun on our mini vacation, Gatlinburg is a beautiful place to visit especially when the Christmas lights are on. Remember to pack your cold gear though because it’s really cold at this place. I packed winter clothes for all of us, and still, we have to buy some sweaters for our kids since it was very cold.

It was definitely a lot of fun, so many places that you can go and eat.  One of my favorite breakfast though is the Pancake Pantry.  They have the best pancake you could ever ask, we pretty much ate all of our food when we visited the restaurant. Save




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  1. It’s so pretty there. We have never stayed the night in the area but have driven through a bunch. Need to take a nice long weekend to relax for a getaway ourselves.

  2. Wow! The kids surely enjoyed this one. It is good that you took the time and enjoy the places and food. I’d go at Johny rockets, to try… if only we can visit there 😜

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