Hilton Resorts World Bimini: Limited Lunch Choices, No Limits on Taste ~ Guest Post

Hello everyone, today I am sharing you this Hilton Resorts World Bimini: Limited Lunch Choices, No Limits on Taste ~ Guest Post. From one of the lady, I have on Facebook. I don’t know about you but traveling is one thing that my husband and I are hoping to do more this year. Anyway, a few weeks ago I have posted something on Facebook about my blog accepting guest post.  A nice sweet lady contacted me, and I must say this guest post can make you hungry.  Thank you, Tomeka Allgood, for this awesome guest post.

So let’s get this guest post started, don’t forget to follow her on Instagram.

Whenever I travel I make a point not to eat food from any chain restaurant or eatery. During my recent trip to Bimini, which is the closest Bahamian island to the United States, I did not have that problem. This is due to the fact that there are not any chain food places on the island. The closest thing to anything that resembled a chain was Amicci’s, the coffee shop, which served a limited Starbucks menu. Staying at the Hilton Resorts World Bimini, which is one of the only two resorts on the island, turned out to be an excellent choice for a foodie like myself. Overall the resort has six restaurants on property as well as being located relatively close to some of the islands most popular off resort food spots.

I’m sure that I’m not alone when saying that sleeping in on vacation is usually the norm. With that being said, lunch not breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The lunch options at the Bimini resort were not only acceptable but affordable. Of course, as with most resorts, guest are charged an additional service charge of 18%. Even with that fee, the lunch menu was still reasonably priced and where guest definitely has an opportunity to get their best bang for the buck.

The Salad – Heirloom Tomato & Caesar
This salad kicked off a long line of first-time food experiences on this trip. I had never tried burrata cheese, basil pesto or balsamic caramel dressing on a salad or anywhere that I can recall. The salad can be described as an elevated Caesar salad. It did not come with meat and for once in my meat loving life, I can honestly say that I did not miss it.

The Burger – Signature Beef & Pastrami
I personally thought it odd that this was the only burger that was listed on the limited lunch menu. After ordering it, all doubts were erased as to why it was the only burger on the menu. The clue should have come from the menu itself which said: “This Thing is a Monster”. When it was placed on the table the primary thought was how in the world can one eat this thing? It was served with an open-faced sesame bun, piled high with swiss and cheddar cheese, grilled onions, heirloom tomatoes, applewood smoked bacon, bibb lettuce, and crispy fried onions. The burger was not only satisfying, it lived up to its name in every way because it was indeed a monster.

The Small Plate – Chef’s Loaded Jerk Chicken Fries
There are no words to describe the foodgasm that came after eating one bite of this dish. Perhaps even more amazing was that this dish was listed as a side item on the menu and if it were not for the server who recommended it, I would have never tried it. He assured me that it was large enough to eat as a meal or to share with the table. To give you some idea of how good this dish was, the group that was with me ended up sharing two rounds one day, ordering one to go the same day and then the following day ordered their own individually. Yes, it is that good. I personally have never had the combination of diced jerk chicken with pepper jack cheese and poblano crema on anything before. To combine them and put them over one of the world’s all-time favorite foods “fries” was a genius.







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