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Since one of the lines we have was due for an upgrade I decided that it’s time to give the iPhone 7plus device a try. Finally Moved to iPhone and Left Android. I was thinking on getting the iPhone 6plus, however for the price difference I made up my mind to go with the iPhone 7plus.  A friend of mine had told me about the difference between having an iPhone and Android device.

A big example is my husband, for as long as I can remember he always been the android type kind of guy. He swore he will never get an iPhone for various reason. However, he didn’t stick to that thinking, when his phone was due for an upgrade he decided to give the iPhone a try. Make the story he ends up like the iPhone device.  Although they’re not much free stuff you can get like Android, he said having an iPhone is a lot more fun than he thought.

So when the other line came up for an upgrade, I decided that its time to make some changes. When I went to Verizon today I had such a wonderful salesperson, so friendly and really help me get what I need. For the iPhone 7Plus 128 go and iPad 33 gab, I paid less than what I anticipated. I’d say it was a very great transaction.

I won’t say I am in love with the iPhone 7plus Device right now, but I must say it’s something that I have to get used to the operating system is totally different than what I’m used to. One thing I like though is I can lock and unlock my phone much better than Android lol.  I have to say I have installed all the apps necessary now learning on what my iPhone 7plus device is capable with.

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