Early Birthday Celebration

This month is where I add another number to my page. Yesterday my husband and kids surprised me for a nice dinner.  Although the food was not that great at the place where we went but we enjoy each other company.  We all decided that we are not going back to that place, it was the chance we have given to that buffet place.

Tomorrow I will be turning 35 years old, yes that’s right I am getting older.  But I am thankful that through the years as I got older I have learned so much in life. Encountered people whom I didn’t like to be around, and gained people whom I adore love.  I am thankful to our Lord above for giving me another year of my life.  Every is a blessing and we all know that, without him we won’t have everything we have in this world.

So my kids and husband took for to this buffet place near our place.  Because I didn’t want to drive so far, after being up since 2am.  My husband and I was really tired, but I am thankful that he was still thinking on taking me out for my birthday.  I was with him the whole day working at the Flea Market, without knowing that him and my step-daughter got some planned going for my birthday.  When we came home, everyone was dressed already, it was very sweet of them to actually think about my birthday.

Although I am tired, and sleepy I am thankful that my kids and husband are taking me out for my birthday.

First thing I have to tried when we got there was their sushi.  It was okay wasn’t the best but it was edible.

You probably saying what pickles & Jalapeno with the shrimp and green beans. Yes I am that person where I love mixing up things on my food. The green beans is kind over cooked, but it was okay. lol. I told my kids and husband the green beans got shocked with something.

On my third plates, I went back and got more shrimps, green beans (this time it’s the way I want it), and egg-drop soup.  The soup I had to add soy sauce to it to make it taste good.  Lol yeah you probably saying dang this lady is something else.  Well when I don’t like how the food taste I always find a way to make it better.

For my dessert I got these fruits. I thought I’d try the jello but still I don’t like it.  I am not a jello fan but though I’d give it another try and still not a fan to it.

Comes our fortune cookies.  I think we all are excited to read what in our fortune cookies than eating the cookies itself.

Overall it was a great birthday, we had a great time doing some food critics sharing our opinion on what they could do to make it taste different.  I guess that comes from being a cook and when you know they could do better.





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