Bella Sun Luci Product Review

If you are familiar with Bella Sun Luci products then you know these Sun Dried Tomatoes.  So last night for the first time I used the  Sun Dried Julienne Cut Tomatoes with Italian Herbs, and I must say it was really good.  I love how it taste mixed with the chicken I cooked. 


Chicken liver is something I ate everyone now and then.  My husband  eat it every now and then.  But last night it was just me and our daughter was eating it.  I asked my step-daughter if she wants some and she just give me the look.

Bella products are awesome. I love using them.


 After cooking the chicken liver with the Sun Dried Tomatoes, we ate it with rice on the side.  I was amazed at how the chicken liver taste just by adding the Sun Dried Tomatoes.  This product is awesome , and the one inside the back are great for snacks.


Adding some Sun Dried tomatoes on my chicken liver was really good.


My mother-in-law and I was snacking on one of the back and it’s delicious.  You can even add it with the salad as well.

You can use these Sun Dried Tomatoes for you lasagna, spaghetti or even meatloaf.  And if you are adventurous like me, you can basically add these to few of your recipes, especially chicken.  Let me know if you have tried this product before and what you think about it.  Hope you enjoy this Bella Sun Luci Product Review.


Eat it with some rice and you are good to go.

The products was sent to me free and I have not received no other compensation for this review I have written above. All the opinions/reviews are strictly mine, my husband and my kids thoughts about the product after we all tested it. I am not affiliated with the company I have mention here nor obligated to give either positive or negative review. Most of my reviews I have written are positive that is because we believed that a company who offers great product deserve a positive review, so it will help their business grow.







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