Ways to Prepare Meal for a Week

So I decided to put together these “Ways to Prepare Meal for a Week” a simple meal that you can cook on the weekend to last you for a week.  I cook meal each Sunday to prepare for the week ahead of us.  To avoid cooking and wondering what meal to cook or eat.  Let’s get started.

For Breakfast:


For breakfast try making this egg muffin it’s very easy.  You can make this with anything such as spinach, onions and tomatoes .. Or you can just do it using mushroom, tomatoes, onions and spinach.  I have a post about this egg muffins over here.  You can also do yogurt in the morning, or even smoothies.


For Lunch:

There are so many ways to prepare the chicken, one thing that I like doing is baking them, and sometimes sauteed it with just the onions and garlic.  I have a full post of this on here. You can steam vegetables for your sides, and add some brown rice with it.


Another meal to prepare is the stuffed bell pepper.  Oh my this is very easy and delicious.  One of this can fill you up already.  On this one I use cauliflower instead of rice, and I use two different cheese since my crew like cheese.  To get the full recipe of this click here ,  I always make about three different meal for lunch , sometimes 4 that way we are not eating the same meal each day.


Baked whole chicken, with this one you can add potatoes on the side while it’s baking.  If you don’t like potatoes, you can always use the sweet potatoes. Once the chicken is cooked you can slice pieces and put it in the plastic ware.  The potatoes or carrots goes great with this.

Dinner Meal:

What we normally eat for dinner is just salad.  However you can make some healthy pizza like the one I have here.



Or this kind of salad, with the choice of you dressing. Can be prepare ahead of time.


Or baked fish with some vegetables.  I know a lot of people doesn’t like eating fish but it’s good for you.


You can also grilled some fish and steam some vegetables to go with it.  You can eat this with brown rice as well.

There so many way to prepare meal that will last for a week. You don’t have to eat unhealthy all the time just because you don’t have time.  If you make time to cook each weekend, I believed you will enjoy it and save more money.

Let me know if you tried this method and what do you think about it?


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  1. I love doing most of my meal prep on the weekends. My ritual is to chop veggies, make spice mixes, and prep baked goods while I watch CBS Sunday Morning and drink coffee. Then, when meal time comes around during the week, I just have to pop open my jars and Tupperware and throw everything into a pan, skillet, or Instant Pot. Thanks for the additional ideas!

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