10 Basic Phrases Tagalog Words to Know

Although my language is not Tagalog but I try to teach my kids this language because it’s easy to use as well.  I speak Bisaya which is totally different than Tagalog, which I am gonna be making post later on.

Here are the common phrases that is use all the time.

Magandang araw = Beautiful Day.
This is equivalent  to saying Good Morning, or even use it in the early afternoon as well.

Mahal Kita = I love you.
 This is a very common way of saying “I love you” in the Philippines. This phrase to anyone either it’s your wife, husband, family members or friends.

Sarap Nito = This is delicious
You use this phrase when you are praising a nice cook meal or even just expression when you say something online or in person that is very appetizing. 

Maligayan Bati = Happy Wish
This is how we would say Happy Birthday .

Ayaw Ko – I don’t want / I don’t like / I don’t want to.
You use this when someone is giving you something or inviting you to go somewhere and you don’t want to go.  You simply use this phrase when somebody is asking you to do a favor for them you don’t want to do it.

Gusto ko to = I like this
If you see something that you like you use this phrase,  “Oh I like this “

Sandali lang – Just a moment (Wait a second / hold on)
Use this when someone is waiting for you or if you forgot something and you need to back to the house or store and you tell them you wait, 

Ingat ka = Be Careful
We use this when a visitor or company is leaving.

Aalis na ako = I’m leaving
Phrase use when they’d like to say bye

Pasensya ka na = My Apology
Used when you did something that inconvenience the other person.

Thank you for sticking with me, I hope that you enjoyed this learning process. 

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