10 Basic Tagalog Words to Know

Today I am sharing you this 10 Basic words that we Filipino use all the time.  My husband and kids wanted to learn how to speak my language so I teach them.  So let’s get started.

  1. Salamat. = Thank you.
  2. Kamusta? = How are you? 
  3. Oo. = Yes.
  4. Hindi. = No. 
  5. Ako. = I. Me.
  6. Ikaw. = You.
  7. Sarap! = Delicious! or Yummy
  8. Paumanhin = Sorry, excuse me.
  9. Paalam. = Farewell

When we use these words above we always put the “Po” this word is a sign of respect in phrases and sentences

For instance we say :
Salamat Po , Kumsta Po, Oo Po, Hindi Po.

Some use the word “Opo” it’s the polite from Oo.  Our parents always tell us to use the “Po” & “Opo” as a sign of respect especially to our elderly. 

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