Way of Preparing Squid

You probably, don’t like squid but let me tell you. If the squid is cook right it’s really good.  My husband loves eating squid, I cook mine like “Chicken Adobo”.  They are best on grilling as well, you can cook squid using oven as well.  I have seen a lot of people do squid stuffing.  I have not tried it yet but it sure looks delicious.

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This is another way of preparing your squid. With some onions and other spice.

Or you can also grill the squid.  They are really good grill and you prepare your sauce that you can use to dip it once it cook with onions, tomatoes, and some chopped Jalapenos, oh it’s good.
This is what you can do to baked the squid.

It has been awhile since I prepare some squid.  My daughter and step-daughter doesn’t really eat squid, however my husband and I do.  His nephew had tried and love it.

Do you like Squid?  If your answer is No/Yes leave your comments below.

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