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So the other day as I did some of my grocery shopping.  I stopped for a little bit at publix store near us and did some coupon shopping.  I did a list of what I’m gonna get that way I know how much is my total.  Planning ahead of time really helps when it comes to couponing. 

So let’s get started everyone.

These is what I bought during my trip at Publix.  4 Mahatma Rice, 11 Chobani, 1 Garnier, 2 Suave, and 2 Dove Men.

I didn’t really expect for my total to be this low, I use Publix coupon on the top of Manufacturer coupons so that was a great saving. 

My husband was very impressed with this total, even I was impressed and proud of myself.  Publix is a great place to shop using coupons because they are very friend.  Just follow the rules and you will be alright, they will leave you alone if you are using the coupon right.

28 thoughts on “Publix Couponing Super Total

  1. Great job! I go through spurts of using coupons and not using them. Plus our local stores (not Publix) seems to like to change the policies as well which make it frustrating.

  2. Yes they are, the staff are so friendly and helpful. The only time you will hear negative about them is when a couponer got caught using coupon wrong.

  3. It's frustrating when they change policies. But that's because a lot of people use the coupons wrong. Some don't follow what the coupons says.

  4. Before I knew about coupons, I use to just go in and get out. Make it fast to be away from people. But since I do coupon, i spend around 1 to 2 hours in the store. Sometimes, if I already have my list and i know which aisle the product at, I get out quick.

  5. Couponing is fun, and it save you a lot of money. People look at me funny but once they hear my total their facial reactions is just priceless.

  6. Try learning by watching videos on Youtube, that's how I learn. Also there are different groups on facebook. Matter of fact there is a group that is dedicated on Publix deal.

  7. The Dove was a great deal at Publix. This weeks i think they are on sale again. I have the new flier but have not sit down and made my scenarios.

  8. Great job. I use to coupon like crazy years ago and stop when I just had to much stuff. A lot of the couponing was junk food like chips and juice or processed foods live tv dinners and my kids were getting to over weight. I did enjoy getting the clean products and personal hygiene products tho.

  9. Thank you. I just started going back couponing and just buy the things that we need for the house. I do buy the food when there is a great deal, and just pick the one that we can eat.

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