What is your ideal of Perfect Valentines Day

So I came up with this idea that I will put together an article about “What is your ideal of Perfect Valentines Day”  I know each individual has it’s own way of celebrating their Valentines Day.  Some are happy to just stay at home with nice romantic dinner, others do weekend get-away, go out for dinner and so on.  On my Facebook I posted over there and ask other people their ideal of perfect Valentines Day.

The ideas I have below are not mine these came from my readers, followers and friends. That’s why I have their name added to the side of their idea to show an appreciation to them by giving them credit on sharing their ideas to me. Some ideas are mine, but I don’t add my name beside name. Let’s get started.

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  1. Dhelz—— out of town with kids .. 
  2. Romantic dinner with red roses petals on the table at our favorite Restaurant.   
  3. Abbie——Every day is Valentine’s Day in our home, lots of loving, lots of hugging with our 15 month old baby girl, lots of laughters. We love just being at home and cuddle the 3 of us, spend time together at home, play together with our baby and we watch our favorite tv show.. 
  4. Alma—— Family time is the best time for me,,parang xmas lng din ang Valentine’s Day sa akin,, everyday is valentines day kc kasama k mga mahal k sa buhay,,kain lng kami sa labas kasama 2 nming anak..for sure nman May chocolates kaming pagsasalohan din,😘🤣❤️😜😜 
  5. Christine  Go out for a meal just the two of us or go for a walk or watch a film. xx. 
  6. Watching the sunset together with a nice glass of wine. 
  7. Dinner with our girls and then a movie night with some popcorn. 

So what’s your Ideal of a Perfect Valentines Day.  Leave yours below and I will include it on this post.   

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