CVS Haul 1/24/2017

So today I went to CVS just so to buy few things. Didn’t have an intention to really do some shopping much. However, there was some great deal that I found so I end-up getting them. Let’s get started.

On my first transaction it’s Buy $20 worth of product that was included on the promotion and get $5 extrabucks.  Since I need the toilet paper and laundry detergent, I choose to get these product all the time unless there is something else that is included to the promotion.  Remember before I go any further, I am starting this shopping trip with a $6 extrabucks from my previous transaction weeks ago.

  1. Conttonelle is $9.99 
  2. Persil is $4.34 each 

My total on this with tax was around $24 with some change.  I use my  $6 extrabucks & 1 $1 off one Persil Coupon (that another couponer gave me at the store). After all the coupons I paid $17.85 including tax, and I received $5 extrabucks, making everyone $12.85 total.

Now since I needed few things such as the batteries, vitamins.  I decided to walk around each aisle to see what clearances do they have.  Because most of the time CVS is flooded with clearances.  I found few of this product that you see on the pictures.  I didn’t use any coupons on these one because I didn’t really plan on getting this much.

  1. Dial for me was $4.50 and on Clearance for $1.49 
  2. Softsoap was $2.01 and on Clearance for $.66 
  3. Yardley Bar Soap was $1.26 and on Clearance for $.41
  4. Deodorant was $3.97 and on Clearance for $1.32 

Vitamins they are not on clearance but they are Buy1GetFree, so it’s still a great deals.  If you have coupons for these kind of vitamins then you can get it more cheaper.  My total for all these after using extrabucks from the first transaction was around $40 with some change.  I bought two pack of batteries and other stuff that was not included on the pictures.

I love shopping at CVS due to their extrabucks.   

34 thoughts on “CVS Haul 1/24/2017

  1. Last year I was so addicted to shopping at CVS cause they had the best coupons and rewards cash backs! I saved probably about $25 or more when I had all my coupons saved up! I heard a lot about Persil and how good of a product it is! I haven't tried it yet but maybe I will give it a try! Thanks for sharing with us you haul! Love it!


  2. I used to share and post all my haul before but then I stop. Now I post here and there when I feel like it. I am back to couponing again since my stock pile has gone low this time.

  3. They still have a lot of great deals. Some changes on coupons but other than that they are still great store to coupons. They pay more attention on the coupons now make sure that it's legit. Persil is the one of the laundry detergent we can use around the house since I am allergic to tide.

  4. Most of the time when I go coupon at CVS i plan everything ahead of time. I have everything ready and calculated how much my out pocket should be .

  5. I always get the things that we are going to use around the house. And if there are things that we can't use, I always just give it to other people.

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