Baked Chicken and Turkey Tacos

Eating healthy around the house is a must, although sometimes we don’t keep up with it all the time but we make sure that if we do eat out we make sure it’s not fry or anything.  For lunch the other day I prepared this baked chicken thighs and legs for the kids to eat and for my brother-in-law to eat.  I found some great deal on the chicken legs and thighs so I took advantage to it.  And for my husband and I, I made turkey tacos for the both of us.  I chopped and sliced different vegetables that will go with our tacos.

The baked chicken was pretty easy to make really, I marinated it with my favorites spices and I brush the juices on the chicken that was on the fun in between the baking.  One thing that my family loves to eat this days is the Great Northern Beans.  This beans is amazing, we can even eat it with the tacos.  My family and I rarely go out for dinner, because my family like the home meal cooking.

I must say there was no left overs on this meal, it was all gone which is great. I love it when people enjoy my cooking.  That’s all for now and you all have a great night.

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    1. I love making taco at home because it’s healthier and I know what I put in it. Very easy as well, your kids can help you prepare things. My kids love participating when it comes to preparing food.

  1. OMG! Can I have you in our house please? haha Kidding. The people living with me aren’t really health conscious. I am struggling to keep a healthy lifestyle but the food around me is so tempting. I’d like to have a taste of this recipe of yours.

    1. Our friends loves coming to our house because of how I cook. I am very conscious on what we eat, trying to maintain a healthy life. I know sometimes it’s hard to avoid being but if we can help it by eating healthy I am up for it.

    1. You know I have not try the vegetarian version. I might need to ask my sister to make vegetarian version of this. I’ll give her recipe and see how she likes it. I am sure you can try this with tofu you just have to cut cube. Now you got me curious, I might experiment on that and see how it taste.

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