Healthy Marriage

The ability to talk and listen to each other is the key of having a healthy marriage.  I think sharing and being and open-minded to your husband/wife is very healthy for the marriage. Keeping something from you partner normally leads to arguments and having such an unhealthy marriage. Share to you spouse what is going on in your mind or what is your thoughts and ideas, and as a wife/husband learn how to listen so your partner to avoid conflict in the future.  Learning on how to really hear your partner is a skill that require practice, and if you do all these things I have mentioned above, then congratulations you have maintain a healthy marriage.

Sometimes is hard to avoid fighting or having a misunderstanding between you and your spouse.  But remember, you promise each other in the eyes of God that you will stick together no matter what. Although some problems are hard to address especially if it’s involve cheating and abusing, we can still prevents those things from happening in our relationship.

Remember to spend time and never forget how you two meet and what spark your relationship.  Just because the knot is tied that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of pleasing your partner.  Put in your schedule a date night for the two of you, remind her/him how special your partner is to you.  Another thing is respecting one another, without a respect to your spouse the marriage is pretty much over and done.  There is a saying treat someone like you want to be treated.  If you treat your spouse like crap you will be getting same treatment back and there is no reason for you to be mad. 

Sexual Faithfulness, when you are faithful to your spouse your marriage is going to last forever.  Temptations are everywhere, and it’s up to you how you handle things.  I have read that couple should not lose attraction from each other. When we offer moments of emotional intimacies to another, we automatically sacrifice our sexual faithfulness to our spouse. Guard your sexuality daily and devote it entirely to your spouse.

Be Patience and Forgiveness, in my experienced sometimes I don’t have enough patience in me.  My husband is a great man he have patience and very supportive on everything I do.  I have learned in my life that without patience in marriage or forgiveness it leads to a lot of problem.  We learned not to bring up anything from the past, because it happened already.  Forgive your spouse for whatever she/he done.  Be humble admit your own faults and do not expect perfection from your partner.  If you have an argument, never go to bed mad or update with each other.  Forgive one another, remind each other how lucky you two are to be together. 

Don’t work too hard, family comes first before your job.  And if sometimes you feel like you have lose time with your partner. Do something to remind your partner how much she/he meant to you.  A little dinner surprise, flower delivery, home cook meal and hand writing notes can makes a different.  The last one I’m going to share is “Trust and Honesty”, without trust to you spouse it slowly destroy your marriage.  Be honest to you partner, share your thoughts and opinion.  Communicating with each other can help your relationship grow.

I hope this helps you a little on how to better your marriage and keep it healthy.  It’s a lot of learning a long the way, but remember you marry your partner for life not just for a little bit.  My husband and I have rules at home, and one of them is to never mention the word “Divorced”.  No matter how angry we are to each other or what our fight is.  We told each other, unless you meant it then say it, but whoever say it first has to leave the house.  I’ve been married to my husband for 8 years now, we are blessed with one 3 years old daughter, and we also have a 12 old daughter.  Spice up your marriage and enjoy each other.

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