One Pot Pasta

Today for lunch/dinner I was not sure exactly what to prepare. I checked the fridge, saw a ground meat, tomatows, onions, carrots and I happened to have pasta in my pantry. I decided to make what most popular recipe that everyone is going crazy , “One Pot Past”. 

Ingredients I used . 

1 Jar of pasta sauce, 1 big tomatoes chopped, 1 medium onions chopped,  4 cups of chicken broth, salt & pepper to taste, 1 pack of pasta, 4 gloves of garlic and ground meat. 

I let the meat brown first and the. I added the rest of the ingredients. I didn’t drain my meat since there was not much of access fat.  I cook everything until the noodles is juts right.  Keep stiring though to avoid the noodles sticking in the bottom of the pot. 

The lunch was ready in less than 15 minutes.  It was delicious, and I sprinkle some cheddar cheeses whole it’s still hot and golly it was even better.  My crew really love the way I made the pasta. It was easy and delicious.  

You all have a great night and let me know if you have ever tried this before and how you like it. 

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