365 Day Penny Challenge


So this year part of my plan is to start saving money aside just encase for emergency and other things that I may need later on in life.  One of the changes I am doing is the 365 Day Penny Challenge.  I have this all over internet but really never tried it for different reason.  I was busy doing other things and just never get around of doing it at all.  I was looking on Pinterest, found this interesting pin and thought I’d share this from you all.  I found this on one of the blog I stumble called The Latina Next Door. There she share all different ways on saving each dollar you want to save.  Doing this kind of challenge is actually fun because you are only going to be doing it once a week.  You can  double how much you want to save each week to have a great result at the end of the challenge.

This is another way for you to teach your children how to start saving every penny they get or found.  My parents back when I was a kid, they always tell us that we need to save our money because we may need it one day.  So let me know if you all try this challenge, tell me how it works with you.  I would love to hear your experience with this challenge.

Thank you all and you all have a great time.


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