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Coming up with post idea for our blog cam sometimes be very challenging.  I have  been for a long time and still I have a hard making a post for my blog.  Every now and then my brain just freeze.  So I came up with this few ideas that me or you can do to create a post for your blog.  These ideas are simple, it will keep your blog going.  So let’s get started…

1. Talk about your experience at restaurant or store.  We all know that there is always something going on at these places either you are having a great time or saw something hilarious that other people had done.
2.  Share a recipe that you just tried and how you like it.  Cooking is one thing that a lot of us do, so if you have some recipe that you want to share, post it online and let other people try it .
3. Post a quotes that you found online. Sharing quotes in your blog is another way to lighten up other people life.
3. Re-Write a post that you have written in the past. Maybe you wanted to do a little make over on it, or add a little something.
4. Share some coupons codes that you found online, or some great deals.  A lot of people now a days use coupons each time they go grocery shopping.  Either it’s an online coupon codes that you find, you know whoever use it will definitely appreciate it.
5. What are your top 10 Things To Do in life. Each and everyone of us always have those “Things to do in my life”. So if you have the 10 share it inspired people \.
6. Write a list of things and activities that you and your family do all the time. Sharing this can really inspire other family, it will give an idea on how to managed their time in the middle of busy schedule.
7. A Review or Critique Post:  Write a review of the product that you recently use, or about your stay at a hotel.
8. Guest Post. This is another way to keep your reader coming to your blog.
9. Tutorial. Share a fun creative DIY that you just learn.
10. Survey Result Post.
11. Write about an event.
12. Take a Challenge.
13. Question and Answer.
14. Create a blog post about your habits.
15. Interview Someone.
20. Write about why you started blogging.
21. Social Media Post.
22. A Poem you love.
23. Book Review Post.
24. Write a greetings note, take a picture and share it on your blog.
25. Share your bucket list.
26. Post about “How To”.
27. Organizing Ideas.
28. I love this music because
29.Thmost  FAgeare... 
30. I’ll never forget how this teacher changed my life
31. To1examplobeautiful.... 
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33. Collage pictures of you and your family.
34. One thing that you enjoy doing.
35. Favorite Gadget.

Those ideas about should help you update your blog on daily basis. There are so much idea that you can really do. But those are just few that I came up, So hope this help you all.  Thank you so much for always coming by here in my blog.

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