This is Me

When I don’t have cameras around me, or other things to do.  I like to piddle around at our shop and help my husband restore this old truck that one of customer wants us to restore.  We a sanding this bed at this time to check if there are minor flaws that we need to fix.  My husband when it comes to fixing truck he always want everything to be perfect and flawless.  He has been working on trucks and cars for a long time and what make him the best of it is how much work he put into it and details.

Had to wear these mask to avoid breathing the dust.  As much as I hate it wearing the mask, my husband made me because our breathing is not really perfect. Yup we all have asthma, thank God to whoever invented this mask right.  Sanding this bed wasn’t bad at all, there was few flaws that we found but nothing major, so that’s another A’s right there.

Anyway, that’s all for now everyone, this is me when we are not out doing our other job. 

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