How to make money selling stuff online

You probably wondering what else can you do to make money right? Well there so much that you can do but there is one thing that you need to do, and that is a dedication and hard work. To make money is not about sitting down and waiting for someone to hand you money.  If you are a stay at home mom and wants to make money while taking care of your kids, then you came to the right place. Below are the few things that I have done and made money.

1. Ebay, I am sure you heard about eBay before, or you have bought stuff from the already. Back in 2005 is when I started doing eBay, I started just selling all my used clothes, shoes and handbags.  Most of the items that I was selling was Good Condition to Like New, some are brand new never been worn.  I was amazed at how much money I had made just few days after I listed everything.  Remember the key of selling stuff and attract buyers is all about presentation.

  • Make sure your item is clean
  • Be Honest on your description
  • Before listing remember to check your product, just to check if it’s free from any damage, stain, hole or any other defects that can cause problem between you and the buyer

2. Etsy, If you are one creative person, who enjoy crafts then etsy is another place for you to sell.  I have been selling all my creation at this site and I must say it’s pretty good place to earn extra income.  You can do a research about them and how other people list their items.  I monogram cups, shirts, yeti, rtic and more.  When selling on etsy you don’t need a big equipment to produce your product.  If have been doing craft  already, and wants to sell on this site.  You can take pictures using your cellphone. You can even create template for your listing that way you can use it for future listing.

3. Mercari this is an apps that you can down on your smart phone.  My sister introduce me to this apps, and has been using it ever since.  It’s pretty easy to use, I call it snap, list, money.  Because basically you take pictures using your phone, list in on the apps, and wait for the buyers to buy your product.  There is a fee when  you list but it automatically come off once you sell your item.  Once you accumulate money in your account they can deposit your money straight to you bank account.

4. Facebook, we are all aware of how other people list their stuff.  I am sure you are a member of a lot buy and sell.  Facebook is another way to make money, you can sell all your unwanted stuff that others might need or want.  I sell stuff on Facebook, and what I do is I always asked them to send me their email address so I can send them an invoice before they even pick up the items.  So do meet the person first and then they exchange. However, if you are selling on Facebook and meeting your buyer or seller please remember to always bring someone with you.  I have sold so many product on Facebook,and each time I meet people I always bring my husband with me, and we always meet on the busy place like mall or grocery store that I am familiar off.  My favorite place to meet is at the Mall parking lot, sometimes I do meet people at McDonald.

Selling online is fun, as long as you have the patient, drive and can dedicate your time.  I do a lot of flip flop, what I mean is I buy stuff from garage sale or estate sale, then turn around and list it online.  Before I list my items I always do my research to see how much other seller selling the same items I have.  Why am I doing it? Just so my price is not too low or not too high.  I want to sell my item and if my price is too high i definitely won’t sell it because my competitors are lower that what I have mine price.

My advice is do your research don’t just start selling thinking that you are going to get rich.  No No No No to that attitude, keep in mind you are doing  this to make extra money while your working other job or make money while you are taking care of your babies. The money you make online doing all these things is all up to you, you are the boss and time clock.  It’s all depends on how much time you have put into.

If you can’t drive or don’t want to meet people in person.  You can always use ebay, etsy and mercari, because when you have a buyer you can simply ship the item to the buyer.  On ebay most of the time I charge shipping on my buyer, I can’t tell you my shipping charge exactly since it’s all calculate base on where my buyer from.  And on etsy it’s same thing thing, it’s calculate as well.  On Mercari, the shipping charge is very easy to set up.  These three site is very easy to use, you can print your own shipping label at your home and all you have to do is take the package to the post office and they scan it and your good to go.

It’s so much easier now to sell online since there is so much improvement.  So if you want to start selling online, make sure you do a lot of reading and doing research.  You can learn so much from reading and research.  And remember to always ask questions if you have something that you don’t understand.  Each site have their own customer service that you can call.

That’s all for now and you all have a great blessed day.

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