Organizing My Make-up

So I have been trying to find some acrylic drawers so I can created me a nice make-up organizer for myself and my step-daughter but for some reason it’s impossible to find them here where I lived.  A friend of mine told me where to get a nice inexpensive make-up organizer.  Picking the right one for me was not hard enough but you know I am picky when it comes to things like this.  I found one on Amazon and It’s not big enough or anything, just perfect for the space where I want it to be.  Below is the before picture of my make-up, very messy yeah you don’t have to tell me that because trust me it’s drive me crazy having a messy beauty place.  wp-image-1083833101jpg

Some of my make-up was not even included to this picture due to it was really crowded you know.  Collecting make-up is one thing that I enjoy doing so whenever I found a great deal, I always buy it.  I shouldn’t have but can’t help it, if it’s affordable I always end-up buying it.  Below is the after math of this disaster place of mine. wp-image-414417662jpg

I just love how it looks now, since it’s neater and so easy to see where’s everything at. I don’t have a big space where my make-up at and my vanity so I am trying to keep everything organize.  Cleanliness is a must but sometimes when your busy working it’s hard to keep it up.  Thankful for these kind of organizers because it’s keeps everything on it’s place.  Anyway, this acrylic is very nice and I love the look of it.  I am definitely buying another one of this organizer for my step-daughter.

That’s all for now, and I hope that you enjoy your visit here.  Have a blessed day and come back.

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