I am sadden about my Grandfather death

15241862_1807546909513260_2689552409243525023_nWaking up in the morning getting news about my grandfather death was devastating for me.  I have not seen my grandfather for a long time, the last time we had a video call he was sick but still able to talk to me and see my kids.  For me growing up he was the best grandfather a kid could ask.  In our family there are plenty of grand kids but my grandfather and grandmother have or never had any favoritism.  They love us all same, and when we are in trouble we get punished because we deserve it.

We have so many memories with my grandfather back when I was still living in the Philippines.  He always smile, and happy despite how life sometimes. I sing and he play his guitar. Back in 2003 he was diagnose with a skin cancer and other stage of cancer and was told that he only have few months to go.  Our family was worried and we started giving him herbal medicine, and with the help of God he got better.

But this year few months ago he got sick, and give out . My family in the Philippines did all they can, but I guess when it’s your time and Gods well there is not stopping.  It’s sad for the entire family to loss my grandfather but at the same time we are glad that all his pain is gone now.  He is in a better place no more pain and agony.  We are very lucky to have him as our grandfather and mentor in our life.  A man full of laughter and positive attitude, people has mistreated him yet he always treated them with kindness and respect back.

He will be forever in our heart… I am glad that my family spent as much time as they did with my grandfather and took of him when he needed them the most.  So everyone, remember to always be there for your family or friends because you don’t know what’s tomorrow bring.  Let them know how much they meant to you and how much you love them.  Tomorrow is never a promise.

Have a blessed day everyone, and remember to take time for your family despite how busy you are.  Love one another, and respect each other.


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