Daily Prompt: Fish

20161124_122743via Daily Prompt: Fish

I remembered growing up eating fish all the time. It was the only thing that my parents can afford at that time. Life was difficult when I was growing up. Me, Brother and Sister helped our parents with everything around the house and how to make money .

There are times that my brother will go to the beach just to wait for a fishing boat that are coming home that day so he can help them pull the boat to the shore. The pay was either a head of a big fish or about 3 pounds of fish.

Growing up we go to the market where vendors sell fish. It was a lot of fun  then, cleaning and cooking fish is one thing that we do often. My parents tought us all how to cook. I was raised with few fishermen  in my life.

I always tell my friend that fish is good for you. So eating fish every week is not bad at all. I am glad that my husband loves eating fish and sother is my kids.





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