Boxer Lover

I never thought how much a dog can become your best friend until we adopted one. In 2009 my husband and I adopted our first dog name “Rowdy”. She was a very beautiful, loving a s sweet dog. Very protective to all of us and sad to say our baby Rowdy died few months ago due to some illness that a lot of boxer dog get. The doctor tried all they can to save our dog but didn’t work .  We are all devastated about her passing because we was like our 3rd baby.

I told my husband that we would be getting another dog anything time . One night he was browsing around the net just killing time and he found a white boxer . At first we were very skeptical about it because we just did not want to replace our baby Rowdy .  However, days has gone, did a lot of talking . We decided to get the dog, not knowing what we are getting into. When we got the dog she stinks and bleeding. The person told us she is in heat or season.  Weeks has gone by and still same nothing change about her situation .  

Make the story short just few days ago, my husband got worried about our new boxer name Brix .  So we took her to the Doctor ,  when my husband came home he told me that out dog have a tumor growing out her private part that’s why she is bleeding and uncomfortable as she is. The doctor did some procedure to get a little bit of the skin the was hanging .  Hopefully the result of the test is great , if not the doctor said we probably have to put her to sleep .  

So please pray for our dog as we waiting for the result .  We are hoping that it’s nothing serious and that surgery can be perform so she can have a normal happy life. We love our dog and I hate to see her go. 

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