Cucumber Salad in a Jar

This salad is very easy to make and healthy as well.  My husband loves it, the first time i made this i wasn’t really sure how we gonna like since it use so much vinegar.  But then once it sit for few days and the flavor all the veggies, we are amazed how delicious it is.  We eat this during snack time, or even as a side for sandwhich or tacos.  Honestly we pretty much eat this on any meal, except breafast lol.  Anyway down below is the recipes of this creation of mine.  I got this idea from one of the lady in pinterest, i was looking for something to do with all the cucumbers that we harvest from our garden and i found this recipe.  Thank you for the idea Recipes We Love.

Ingredients I Used:

12 cucumbers (The original recipes called for 4 but i triple this recipes)
1 yellow bell pepper
1 red bell pepper
2 green bell pepper ( i used two since it was small peppers)
2 tsp of red pepper flakes
6 cups vinegar
3 cups sugar
1 tsp parsley ( the original recipe was calling for celery but i didn’t have any celery so i used parsley and it says great)
2 small red onions slice


1. In a big pot add vinegar, sugar, and the red pepper flakes.  Bring to boil, and after it boiled removed from heat and add two handful of ice cubes. 

2.  Slice all the veggies, and once you are done slicing all the veggies mix them all together sprinkle with some pepper and salt to taste.  Add the mixture in the jars and once the sauce is cool down start pouring it in each jars. 

On mine after I poured all the sauces, i made sure that all the air is out, so i use a plastic spatula to go around the jar.  Then i clean the rim, and put the lid.  The original recipes said this can be refrigerated for two months.  That if it will last that long in your house, mine only last for two weeks lol.  Well hope you enjoy this simple easy recipe yet delicious. 

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