Rocky Mountain Pop Corn

These pop corn is so delicious, i am so glad that i made my decision to try these.  My husband and I finished one whole bag when the pop corn arrived.  He said it taste so delicious and so different from any pop corn that we have ate in the past.  My step-daughter loves the caramel flavor pop-corn, we share some pop corn to our friends that way they can see the difference and the taste compare it from the other pop corn.  We love eating pop corn for snack and i must say these pop corn is addictive.  They come with different flavor and sizes. 
I think our most favorite is the caramel, reminds of the pop corn that i used to eat back when i was living in the Philippines.  So far i think we ate about four pop corn bag.  We are trying to to save some for later, because we all know that between me, my husband and step-daughter we will probably be able to eat all most of it.  Rocky Mountain Pop Corn is definitely delicious, this pop corn is better than what we get in the movie theater, plus it’s healthier too.  To buy some pop corn you can simply visit to 

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