Skinny POP All Natural Popcorn

My husband and I love eating pop corn but we both don’t like salty pop corn. Last week i received a lot of Skinny Pop Popcorn. I really didn’t expect to get this much but i am very happy when i opened the box. I right away opened one bag and i must say it’s the best popcorn ever.  I tasted a lot of popcorn and so far this is my favorite.  Each time we watch television we always want to have something to snack on.  This Skinny Pop popcorn is perfect because we don’t need to wait for it.  We just open the bag and there it is, it’s ready. 
Our friends came and visit us few days ago and they carried four bags of Skinny Pop popcorn with them.   My husband told them that its a really good popcorn and good for your body.  We used to buy those popcorn you pop in the microwave, but since i tasted Skinny Pop popcorn i doubt i will be buying any more of those popcorn.  I am very happy that my husband love the Skinny Pop, it’s very healthy and good for your body so what not to love it right?

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