Freezer 101

This past few weeks i have focusing on how i can save some  money on food but still eat a delicious meal.  I have been inspired with a lot of things that i found online, infact my husband is very impressed on how i am handling everything.  Every now and then i cook a lot an freeze some of it, mostly the left overs. But lately i have dedicated few hours just to cook, and then freeze them.  Two weeks ago i made a lot of roll-up lasagna and some meatballs. I freeze it and when i’m ready i just pop it in the oven and dinner is ready.  Doing freezer 101 is definitely fun and a lot of work, it’s a one time big clean up but so worth it.  
If you are a busy mom, and doesn’t have all the time when it comes to cooking everyday.  I would suggest cooking ahead of time and freeze them.  Just remember to put labels on each of the pack that way you know what is what. The roll up lasagna that i made two weeks ago, i still have about three bags left.  Then the meatballs we haven’t use it yet, i am going to let my husband do all the cooking for that.  Anyway, to save time, money and avoid stressing what to cook each meal, cooking ahead of time is definitely the answer.  Since i started doing the freezer 101 it has been awesome. No mess each night and i don’t have to worry on what to cook.  Thank you for stopping everyone. Hope to see you all again.

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