New Years Resolution

..doesn’t need to be written down in a list. The most important thing is doing it and proving that we can improve this year. Make this 2012 a better year than 2011. Keep ignoring all the bs and drama, people who doesn’t worth you time, and people who always create unhappiness in your life. This 2012 can be different from 2011 if you make changes in your life. However, if you keep in the same life style and attitude and let people control you then your life won’t have any improvement. You will get your New Years Resolution when you make it happen. Mix the ingredients you dream of for the New Year and you will have the perfect recipe to be proud of and show others what you are made of! My resolution for 2012 is to live each day as though it is my last . And enjoy my my family and continue ignoring the junk people. And hopefully add a new member to out family

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