My Homemade Meatloaf

This is how my meatloaf look before it was cooked. It was a lot of work but it was very worth it. This is my first time to make meatloaf and i am so glad it turns out really good. What can i say i love cooking, i look at few recipes and i always twist it to make it different and a little mine.

Just got this out from the oven and golly it smells really good. I wasn’t sure how it’s gonna turn after it was baked but i am very pleased with the result of this. It was heavy when i got it out from the oven. This was the biggest meatloaf i have ever seen hehehheheheh.

And of course we can’t forget what’s inside of my meatloaf.. I had to put a little decoration inside to make my meatloaf even prettier. This meatloaf is less fattening because i am using a different meat. The bacon was a great add of this recipes…

I found the recipe online however, i did not follow what they have as the ingredients. I used different stuff instead, then i added some veggies that i chopped very tiny.. Then of course my secret ingredients.. My crew loves the meatloaf, as my husband said this is the best meatloaf that he ever had in his life, we almost ate all of it. I am so glad how my meatloaf turns out, cannot wait to bake more meal. Each time i try different meals to experiment.

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