Love Him So Much

My heart has broken into pieces before but somehow my baby have founded those pieces and put it back together with all his love and care. I love you so much baby, and i am so happy that i am married to you . Being married to you is more than winning the lottery.. I treasure our marriage .. & cherish every second of it. You are my everything & your unconditional love complete me & made me that woman i am now.

Thank you for always being there for me when i need you and for proving to me that love is true. Although sometimes i have some moody days, i thank you for saying the words I Love You just to make everything feel better. You really change me and i am love the way i am now, for all the broken heartache that i have been through you are the blessings from above the put all the pieces together and made it much better than it was before. I love you so much.

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