Figuring out my spring break travel plans

At first I didn’t have any travel plans for spring break this year. But then a few weeks ago, I found this one deal for a tropical cruise that was at a really steep discount and decided to sign up for it.

I actually found the discount on a site that specializes in filling cruises up at the last minute. If it hadn’t been for that discount, I would have never actually been able to afford to go on a cruise! I was checking up on the cruise information a few nights ago to just make sure that I’m ready for it and while I was browsing online I came across the website I read through it some and after that I decided to sign up for an internet package for my home that I found on that website.

I’m not expert on spring break travel, so I’ve made sure to read up almost anything at all about cruises. I’ve never been on one, so I’m even a little more excited about that.

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