Family And Friends

My husband And I are bless with great friends. All of my family are halfway around the world. So His family and friends became mine. James is closest to his mom. His mom and dad divorced when he was young. and he grew up with little contact with him. until he was in his teens. You can tell they care for each other but are not at each others side alot. James and his friends all are very close. If one is going thru something they all are there to help in anyway possible. I think he is closer to his friends than his bother. His is controlling and does not let him come around unless they need something. They use to be close but she put a stop to that. I can tell it bother James.
Thru this last round of storm we was going to be without power for 5 to 10 days. When James’ dad heard that he ask if we could find a generator. James told him no where close had anything. a hour later he called back and told us he bought one. And said he needed one anyway. He was bringing it to us. And for us to use it til everything was back to normal.. That shocked us alot. We are not use to family acting like family.

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