Our Boxer

We have a four year old female boxer. She is such a smart loving dog. She cannot be petted enough. The kids play with her like she is a little human. Our little dresses her up. And our son play ball with her.. My husband works from home a lot. And she never leaves his side until the kids are home. And she bring great comfort to me when me and her are home alone. I think she knows I do not like being her alone at night. She guards the door if someone comes up. Her ear up the hair on her back stands on end. A little growl and teeth showing. If hubby was home she would not ever get up. I would say a boxer is the perfect dog. Or at least perfect for us.

One thought on “Our Boxer

  1. aww so sweet. i miss having a dog in our life.. they are so loyal and bring so much joy.. 2 more weeks until we get our new baby:)

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