Son Driving

Our son is 15 about to take his learn permit test. His uncle traded for him a car. My husband has made sure it is ready for him to drive. Good tires,breaks and a tune up. The car is ready to go.. My husband is very old school about life most of the time. We pay the insurance and he keeps is grades up. Dustin work for his on gas money. and anything extra he wants for the car he buys with his money. He is a good kid but is a teen age boy. And alot like my husband. I think that is what scares James the most. We quiz him about signs and stopping distance ect. The other night a family friend was here. He was telling us he was really unaffected over a DUI he had gotten. I just cost him a lot of money. drinking and driving is a sore subject with James. He really frowns on it. So he has him show Dustin pictures of his custom pickup he totaled. And ask him if his hip was completely healed from the wreck. and did he like his new job since he could no longer drive a big truck. Because of his DUI. He said not really he is now making half of what he did before.. After he left James had Dustin look up drinking and driving videos and pictures on the net. I hope he now sees that there is nothing cool about drinking.

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